Q&A 279 - Iridology, Overactive Libido, Fruits and not becoming well

Nov 12, '14
20:02 – Paul – Dr. Morse or his staff apparently “cherry-picks” the questions that Dr. Morse addresses on you-tube. Also, its disappointing when the disclaimer says “someone” will get back to you via email if not on you-tube and they simply don’t respond or he refers you to “Facebook people” If that’s the case then let people know officially, where the hell to post. If there something about my posting questions that you don’t like, let me know. Maybe I don’t purchase enough of the formulas to warrant a response. Sorry for that.

23:40 – TheGreatDeciever55 - Eyes are unbelievably beautiful, the pupil is like a black hole abyss surrounded by a sparkling jewel. with that said however, iridology makes about as much sense as diagnosing illness by looking at the changes in peoples fingerprints. the entire foundation of the currently existing technology of iris identification used in thousands of high security facilities is based upon the notion that irises do not change during the entirety of a persons life past the first year after birth. these are technologies CURRENTLY in use... so what is more reasonable to assume----iridology is real and therefore the currently existing biometric iris scanners are fake.... or biometric iris scanners are real and iridology is fake. one is unproven and only has anecdotal evidence---and the other is tangible and currently in effective use.

29:18 – Heike Krukowski – THANK YOU!

30:54 – A’oi – I am a 37 year old female with a seriously overactive libido. It vanished during illness, but now that I’m recovering, it’s coming back with vengeance. Is there something I can do to calm it down? (I’m feeling a little desperate.)

36:20 – Sarah – Facebook group post regarding fruit. The girl who posted it said that she is not getting well after long term fruit eating…

48:04 – Mary – Facebook group post regarding fruit and not becoming well.

53:27 – Seth - -With Ulcerative Colitis can I still do the raw fruit diet cleanse, or should I alter the diet (juice my fruits and veggies)? -Is there a way to perform a detox while still on prednisone or do I need to taper off of it first? -I have had problems digesting foods in months past - I take digestive enzymes (plant based) so would I need to slightly cook my fruits down to make them easier to digest? -What are your thoughts on FMT (Fecal Microbacterial Transplants)? I am thinking of performing a DIY one at home and I have chosen a donor for the procedure.

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