Q&A 280 - High blood pressure, Headaches, Digestion

Nov 18, '14
03:04 - Dollmom – My daughter had a baby one week ago and her BP is still up. The diastolic is in the 90 range. What should she do?

04:20 - Brianna – Dr.Morse asked me to send him a picture of my eyes, this is the best I could get with camera. He said because of what’s happening with my teeth and other things I probably have a very weak pituitary and parathyroid.

10:03 - Stacy - Dr. Morse My husband, Bill, gets cluster headaches every two years or so that last anywhere from 1-3 months and varies with intensity. What is the cause? Why does it happen every 2 years? What is your protocol to "cure" it? He has high pressure and crohns disease. On medication to treat both. Has a history of fatty liver and slightly elevated liver enzymes. His doctor treats his cluster headaches by going up on his verapamil medication and adds imitrex. It helps the pain but obviously doesn't make them go away forever or he would be out of business :) Looking forward to your guidance and wisdom King Morse! Ha!

17:41 - Donna - I have terrible digestion. I have tried switching to a fruit based diet and am still trying to. I have found it very hard to accomplish in high school. If I eat certain foods I have terrible pain so that makes it a little easier to stay away from certain foods. I have constant sinus problems and they NEVER go away. Thank you for helping people. I appreciate everything you do.

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