Q&A 281 - Eye Changes, Hypothyroid, Tinnitus, Vital Organs, Kidney Disease

Nov 19, '14
16:19 - ColoradoHighest - I've watched almost all of your videos, but I don't think I've ever seen any before and after iris photos that show improved health after detoxification. Can you show us some of the changes that occur in the iris once someone has regained their health? Thank you very much. Last year I sent you some iris photos taken of my mother in 1978 at age 48 and then again in 2014 at age 82, which didn't reflect much change at all after 34 years (except bleached coloring in the old photos). You can see the exact same sulfur deposits and lacunas. Of course, she never went on a detox or anything, but wouldn't they change somehow anyway?

21:00 - Unknown – Banana Island Protocol.

47:55 - Madeline – Can you talk about if there is anything that can cure hypothyroid or do I need to live with it forever? I take a pill everyday.

54:10- Adrian - Male, 39 years old, from Transilvania. I tend to overeat on fruits, and when I do, I got tinnitus in my ears. Should I restrict my volume/calories from fruits, and if yes, what are your recommendations? I beleive that the tinnitus comes from the triglycerides transformed from fructose. Am I wrong? I would like to go for herbal teas instead of tinctures as detox Any particular teas that you recommend as good for detox/adrenals and/or thyroid?

01:02:07 - John - How can severely damaged vital organs and tissue be revitalized and restored to original condition during or after immunosuppression therapy? What is the most dangerous drug or drugs used in immunosuppression therapy? What is the point of no return for reversing the administration of the actual immunosuppression drug protocols and their side effects? What is the one drug that prevents reversal? What new industry experts or procedures are on the leading edge of medicine that can be considered as solutions, but may not be widely known or practiced yet?

01:12:44 - Aisha Hale - I have kidney disease and I am on dialysis. In this past week, I have changed my eating habits about 90%. What I mean by that is I went from eating meat and dairy products daily (several times a day) to hardly none at all. Matter of a fact, I haven’t had any meat or dairy in the past 3 days. I go to dialysis 2 days a week for 2 hours, I still produce lots of urine, I work, I’m active, I’m in school, but I absolutely refuse a kidney transplant ( at this time) for some reason, I don’t feel good about it, no matter what anyone says ( I have been on dialysis for 6 years now)So whit all of this being said, my main question is what should I be eating?? I was told to stop eating animal protein, (because I was leaking protein in the urine), OK I can stop eating animal protein, no problem, but will other proteins like beans, legumes etc. cause protein to leak out of the urine as well as animal protein? I want to change my eating, and eventually I want to be 100% no meat no dairy, and I am working up to that now. But if I eat vegan foods that have a lot of protein, will I run across the same problem? Also, what about meat substitute options? What ones are best that are not loaded with salt and tofu (never eat tofu by the way). How do i keep weight on, what do i eat, what do i do... I need help and a plan... Are beans etc. the same kinds of heavy proteins as animal protein??

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