Questions & Answers 272 - Broken Bones, Burning From Fruit, Bloating, Candida, PCOS

Sep 25, '14
15:51 - Mike - My best friend back in Fl was in a motorcycle accident about 9 months ago. He broke his femur in 2 places and the same leg in two other places. He was in the hospital and the surgeon did wonderful work. He has a metal rod running the length of the femur with two supports at the top and bottom of the femur drilled into the bone through the marrow. I have turned him onto you and Dr. Ehret since his accident. He had an interesting question though. Could you detox to the point where your body would start recorrecting the damaged femur and want to get rid of the metal rod? If so, what should he do? Have surgery to get the metal rod removed? I was at a loss for this question, lol. I hope you could give him some advice.

28:48- Maggie – I have type 2. I am wondering what formulas that you recommend. Also, I suffer from anxiety and low energy. I am considering doing a detox program. If I do not do all berries and melon and use the formulas that I need is it kind of a lost cause? I was thinking of doing the detox with berries, green juices and some steamed salad and vegetables.

35:01- Scarlett – I sometimes experience burning after eating fruit, I’ve had it prior to my 14 week protocol, but the frequency and intensity keep increasing as I progress through the program. I’ve called this pain “fruit burn” in the past because it occurs after fruit consumption. I had a BM and the pain went away. I’ve also been struggling to keep my blood sugar stable while eating all the fruit diring the program. I get shaky (internally and my hands get visibly shaking) when I know my blood pressure is dropping. Yesterday it was 65 when I checked it during it during one of these episodes.

53:44 - Lisa - I have been experiencing bloating…candidia…weight gain, adrenal stuff. I have the book, but not sure what I am doing wrong…

54:57 - Rayan - I'm 18 and ever since I could remember I've had PCOS (it runs in the family.) I don't actually have cysts on my ovaries but it have multiple follicles because of imbalanced hormones. I'm sick of being plagued with symptoms of excess hair growth, acne, back pain, unpredictable menses, depression, anxiety, insulin problems, and the fungal infections, dandruff, tinea versicolour....The list goes on. I'm estrogen dominant and have really high testosterone levels. My LH and FSH are messed up and my cortisol is really high. How do I balance my hormones? I also have hypothyroidism. My hair is falling out! I just want to give my all in life and pass truth on. I know you don't agree with supplements but I take zinc because if I don't I burn within minutes. It's strange because I have darker skin but I don't even think albinos burn this fast. Also, I have underdeveloped breasts (this drives my insane) can I fix this? Is detox enough to fix it? And I find this strange because I have high estrogen, int estrogen responsible for breast growth? And I have the worst dark circles under my eyes they look purple, like bruises. Is this from adrenals? Here's an interesting thing. As I changed my diet to be better and better, my hair went from being straight to curly within a year. (Mostly a cooked vegetable diet) it's amazing how things change with food.

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