Q&A 270 - Hypersensitive, Lipedema, Diamond Blackfan Anemia

Sep 21, '14
Tyra – Hyper Adrenal Glands and has a history of cortisol shots, Hypersensitive, adrenals have been over stimulated by biofeedback treatment. Anxiety, trouble sleeping, and experiences a lot of pain due to extreme sensitivities and Fibromyalgia.

Valerie – Do you have experience with lipedema and when it gets into the final two stages causing lymphedema? I have stage 4 lipo-lynohedea and it has caused me to be mainly house bond.

H – My boyfriend was born with diamond blackfan anemia and takes prednisone to stay alive. Is there any way he could get off prednisone somehow or is it incurable because he was born with it?

George – My harry kid was having troubles urinating so my wife took him to a couple of vets. The second vet noticed on his pancreas a 5-inch line. He said he was 90% sure it was cancer but not 100%. We have him on blue green algae, raw aloe, and a prostate formula from Dr. Schulze.

Terry – Recently in a motorcycle accident. Bum right leg, broken right shoulder, and traumatic brain injury. Short/log term memory issies. Where do I start?

Mathieu – My question is about raw food: How to eat raw food in a country full of parasites – like some part of Africa and India?

Yogi – I am eating mostly fruits and greens but I also go to the gym a lot and need high calories (otherwise, I get attracted to fats like nuts, seeds, guacamole). I eat around 30 dates a day along with fruits and greens, these urges are kept in check. Is it ok to eat that many dates on a regular basis?

Guillaume - bout my own symptoms! I guess my real question is this , Matt Monarch , the founder of Therawfoodworld.com , who's a very source connected man , kind of teaches that as we improve our diet , our cells dump toxins into our colon and it gets toxic and that enemas/colonics are an incredible way of accelerating the detoxification . At that moment I felt in my heart it was true. But now after 2 years of doing about 3 enemas a month I'm wondering something (Only doing them when needed because I was bloated/constipated with real bad gaz) . I'm asking you this : When I do an enema I feel the 4/5th dimension a lot more , I expell stuff that smells like putrefaction (sorry for the details haha)

Geo Musicman - I've been wondering if for someone very right handed the left side would be weaker in terms of strength but mainly elimination. If our left arm for example is slightly weaker and less dexterous why not the kidney and adrenal on the same side? Obviously the opposite would apply for a left sided person and weaker right side.

Dan – My chiropractor is referring me to a hip replacement doctor to see how worn out my hip joint is. My acupuncturist tell me my kidney appears weak and prescribed jin gui and herbal formula to help cleanse and tonify the kidneys.

Ellen - My mother has been suffering with severe bronchitis since her 30s. I feel this was triggered by severe anxiety and self punishment - it coincided when my dad left the family for good and although her mother and father gave us shelter, it came with a lot of harm and lack of love. In my Brazilian family at time, being divorced was a great shame. Her father also assaulted her sexually when she was a child, so there was this added fear as she had my brother and myself as luggage.

DeAna - Hi My name is DeAna. I am a 32 year old wife and mother of two young girls. In 2003 I was in the U.S. Army training to go to Iraq. It was there that I got injured and I haven't been the same since. My injuries included 3rd and 4th degree frost bit on my left foot and ankle. I also sprained it really really bad. You might as well say it was broken. It had healed but it was still swollen. Now it's to the point of my right leg swelling as well as my foot and ankle. My leg now gets uclers on it. And most recently I breaking out In hives as well. Please Help!

Jerro - Are enzymes good to use. Is the hype about enzymes true? Sphingolin, beef bone marrow, sheep and cow placenta, also multi grandulars, and a parasite cleanse has worked big time how I don't really know but it has. Lymphatic pills also. And I make colloidal silver it's awesome. Fruits berries melons is 85% of my diet. Healing crises. Could you please speak about it. And how it's a good thing.

Gabrielle Williams - Hi Dr. Morse, I have a question about a possible hernia, I've been noticing lately every time I stand up I see and feel a sometimes hard bulge protruding in my lower left abdomen right next to my bellybutton but the actual bulge appears on my abdomen, is this a hernia?

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