Questions & Answers 249 - Chronic Acne, Toxoplasmosis, Coffee Enemas

May 27, '14
02:04 -- Oliver -- Trying to get rid of chronic acne. The skin on my body is perfect, except for my face.

18.25 - Patty -- I have a 16-year-old cat that, as told by my veterinarian, has toxoplasmosis. She was treated with antibiotics in the past, but I would prefer to go a different route.

22:51 - My question is about several articles online that I've read that claim that Vitamin B12, Creatinine, Carnosine, Vitamin D3, and Docosahexaenoic (DHA) are only found in meat, fish, and eggs. Is it true? If not, could you please tell me which fruits and vegetables or whatever else I can get these in?

31:58 - Arturo -- Are coffee enemas good and efficient for colon/body detoxification? What do you suggest for detoxing the gastrointestinal tract?

35:00 - Robyn, (Dan's wife) -- What do you think is the cause of female patterned baldness and is there anything I can do about it?

36:32 - Dick Pound -- I've been having tons of green mucus coming out of my nose and some coming out of my throat for the last 4 days. I even coughed up a big blob of brown mucus. That was awesome!

38:18 - Jared -- My dad has neuropathy, mainly in his legs and feet. He also has really low blood pressure. His blood pressure is usualy 90 over 70. The main concern is the fact that he gets really light headed all of the sudden everyday at work.

55:56 - Art -- Based on the assertion that a "healing crisis" is a beneficial event, I put forth the possibility of provoking a specific crisis using a specific homeopathic remedy. The idea that a homeopathic remedy given -- when the condition it would cure is absent -- creates the symptoms of that condition; thus mimicking a healing crisis. My gut says this may be useful in those anatomical areas where drainage is poor due to remove of lymph nodes. I hope this idea has some practical merit.

57:28 -- Consuela - Fruit that is picked green and then sat on a counter top to ripen: Should we eat this fruit? My daughter had brain surgery when she turned 5. We did the surgery and went on you botanicals and a raw fruit diet since (and two months prior.) It's been 4 years since surgery and my little girl has a big belly, chubby all over the rest of her body. She was on steroids for 6 months post-op but I weaned her off of those. I was wondering if the fermented fruit is her problem!? What are the effects on a person having lost their tonsils? Will the lymph from the head still be able to drain properly? Are there things these people will always have to deal with even if they do a thorough detox and clean up the diet? Same questions about the gallbladder and the appendix?

01:17:16 - Krane -- My question is about Tinea Versicolor. I have been battling this on and off since the early 90's. I have been to a dermatologist twice over the years for it. The forst time he just prescribed me a lotion to use in the shower and leave on for 10 minutes before washing off. It went away, but came back again. The second time I went I waited until it got pretty bad, so he prescribed me some pills and the lotion that time. He said, "Don't let it get that bad again" because he didn't like having to use the pills.

1:24:14 - I just want to know if your products are analyzed for heavy metals or other toxins please? Especially Mercury.

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