Q&A 245 - Birthday Wishes, Lost Memories, Congestive Heart Failure

Apr 16, '141 comment
04:45 -- Nerve regeneration & pain.

10:53 - Youtube and Facebook Birthday wishes.

13:22 - Georgia -- I have two questions for you. The first one is, can a person regain lost memories by being on a raw vegan lifestyle? The second question is about drinking water. Marcie told me I should submit this question to you. In your books you say that distilled water or using R/O system is best and yet they both have no minerals or anything in them. They are basically dead. I drank distilled water only for several years thinking that this was better and easier on my Kidneys. She suggested I drink spring water and that is what I am doing now. Do you feel one is better than the other?

25:00 - Mark -- Happy Birthday Dr. Morse! I wish you endless, cool out of body travels and awesome experiences in many different realities. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart!

25:11 - Malcolm -- I have been having heart problems for around 3 years now - Congestive Heart Failure. I have been admitted to the hospital twice with breathing difficulties, &shortness of breath. I get heart palpitations and high blood pressure. My doctor has now referred me to a heart specialist here in the UK. I have been told that I may need to have a pacemaker fitted, and I'm not happy about that. I would rather go a natural route for healing. Also, my stomach bloats and fills with gas like a basketball, I was given Omeprazole for that. Could you please give me some advice on what herbs I should order from your site?

30:06 - NJanf -- Can you explain why some blue eyes maintain the blue color, even when the person is extremely toxic, while some people will have their blue eyes turn brown within a few years of birth?

32:01 - FlyingWithHorsesUK - I hope that you are all well! I'm still loving your videos & thank you for inspiring so many people to keep reaching ever higher into nature's realm of health & goodness! I'm hoping you can help provide an alternative to the medical way of 'treating' a tooth abscess, as their first port of call is always antibiotics followed by a root canal or extraction. As this is such a painful infection right on the nerve, is there a fast acting remedy which can be used for this alongside the all-important detox herbs & raw fruit diet? Medics remove the nerve after an abscess but I am sure the nerve can be regenerated... do you have any experience with healing this painful infection?

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Leora carmichael-cassidy on Jul 10, '17

My quest for answers to a few of my health problems
Brought me to you.I’ve been listening and learning from you.Today was my 1st day on fruits & smoothies.Everything you have said makes complete sense.Thank you

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