Q&A - 247 - Lymphatic System. Eczema, Acne, Healing Crisis

May 11, '14
04:04 - Lynnette -- I have an A&P question regarding the lymphatic system. I know that the Spleen filters out the toxin from the blood and dumps into the lymphatic system (Vessels). I know that it is taught that lymph is dumped back into the blood from the lymphatic vessels to the circulatory system. Can you provide me with the reason and the anatomy with where the lymph goes from the lymph vessels to get into the kidneys and out through the urine?

12:18 - Oravcove -- I have eczema on big areas on my body (legs, arms, abdomen, back), which is still spreading and I am not able to stop it. There are many small seeping "holes" in my skin. The affected areas are very itching. The dermatologist told me, that it is not caused by molds and wants to use antibiotics and hormones for healing. But according to your book it is not very good idea to do it. Would you please give me some advice?

19:29 - What is your idea, mind-thinking, theory, or whatever we want to call it behind how medications can have hair loss as a side effect? Specifically I am talking about Accutane. Before it was used for drugs it was used as a chemotherapy drug according to some information I found all over the web. Its chemical name is retinoic acid but they aren't sure how it goes about in the body. I am very curious about the connection between these two.

28:04 - Will Johannes -- Hi Dr. Morse, can you give us a quick series to good consciousness. Thank you! You're the best.

31:58 - Mike -- About a year ago I started getting bad acne on my back (mostly upper and on my shoulders). I am hoping something you sell or any advice you can offer would be beneficial since I prefer not to use prescribed drugs.

35:38 - Anna - I was wanting your advice on a particular healing crisis that my 84 year-old father is having. Let me start at the beginning: his main concerns are stomach and bowel pain (his eyes show holes or dark areas in them, lots of sulphur and very out of shape and a cholesterol ring). Plus he periodically experiences bitterness in the mouth, which is also accompanied with dizziness with varying degrees of this. There are other issues but these are the main 3 that need to be addressed here. Because of the problems I have found it is very hard to put him on some of the botanicals, as 1 or more of the above mentioned problems would increase, hence making it unacceptable to take on a regular basis. Some of these were Endocrine Gland and Kidney 1. But he was able to take Heal all tea and Stomach and Bowel formulas, adrenal glandular and various single herbs for his kidneys and liver and is still taking them. At first he was experiencing good results and then he had a healing crisis with his stomach and bowels. He is not able to eat many fruits or vegetables. I guided him through those very difficult weeks he was having. I should also mention here that his diet was 2 meals of fruit and salad at night. But now his healing crisis is the dizziness and bitterness. He is consistently experiencing this, as previously it would come and go. It has been going of for many weeks and he is wanting a break from this on going issue, so I suggested to have some cooked food to slow or stop it. But it seems to be persistent now and nothing seems to help or stop it. I have suggested a compress to the back of the head to help with the dizziness but it is not easing the problem much at all. Can you make some suggestions of what should be done now? He also has tried to do fruit only and this did not help either. He was not on many days of fruit only as he wants to have his salad at night because he prefers vegetables over fruit. Now I have a question about me - I recently had a live blood analysis and was told that my cell walls were weak and I need to increase my fats in my diet. What are your thoughts and suggestions about what I should do? Finally, can I make a suggestion for the level 2 certification in October, is it possible to have Skype or web cam facilities to allow students who can not make it there in person?

56:04 - Owen fox -- Talk from Robert.

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