Questions & Answer 241 - High Blood Pressure, Circulation.

Mar 26, '14
00:29 - Alex -- You talk about bradycardia in your videos, and about tachycardia. What do you think about a person who has high blood pressure and bradycardia at the same time? When you take a lot of plants, don't you risk overdose? Why are certain plants poison or neurotoxins, like datura? Why is nature trying to kill us?

15:56 - Anonymous -- During detox would it make sense that as the acids drain from my head, that the back would be inflamed? I had a terrible car accident as a teen and used to have golf ball-sized boils all over my body, especially on my face. This coupled with antibiotics and a few rounds of Accutane made my system very acidic resulting in major bowel inflammation and a laundry list of symptoms.

23:45 - Oranicsuperman -- How would you deal with circulation problems in the hands and feet? What could be the issue causing this? I am considering using raw glandulars for a short while to see if that helps. I am sure the glandulars can help with improving immune system function and any other below par glands I have.

26:33 - Monika - From all of the questions I have, now I want to ask one. How the stomach and all the digestive system works, and if there are problems in it, how to regulate them with fruits and herbs? I have acid feelings in my stomach and it goes up. My dentist said, that it is probably those acids that ruined my teeth at night. Though then I did not feel acids after night. Now I feel my sore throat is from stomach acids in the mornings, though I do not eat baked, no chocolate any more (used to eat many). But what worried me most -- I found two holes in my daughter's teeth, under the gums, just like mine were (sides of teeth). She is 7. I try to strengthen her pituitary (wet nights), adrenals (shy, withdrawn) and kidneys (blacks under her eyes), but I do not know what to do with the stomach (she also has the dark circles around pupils in her eyes, used to have pains in digestive system). She admits having refluxes, but we do not know about the nights. How to manage the reflux? Why do lots of people refuse to eat grapes or apples, saying, that they get too acidic in their stomach? How do you regulate stomach acidity?
41:02 - Colleen - I am 60, did a 47 day water fast in November 2013 and it did heal my hand and fingers that were injured in a fall. Also lost all my fat. I had one severe panic attack during the fast as toxins were coming out and it was an overall stressful experience even though I was not very active. No more hot flashes though. At 17 thyroid was removed (Hashimoto's) and I manage with T-100 and Symplex F and the thyroid capsules sold through your clinic (thank you). Plus selenium.I am 5'7" 136 pounds, fine hair, otherwise fairly devoid of body hair. I have always had very weak vision. My tongue is always coated. After the fast I converted to eating raw and cooked vegetables and then into mostly salads. Now I eat organic apples, bananas, tomatoes, avocados (I really love avocados), lemons, grapefruit and hydrated organic raisins. Occasionally I crave a rotisserie chicken (for the fat and skin mostly). I feel however that I still need to detox. My hot flashes are returning combined with emotional discomfort. I do the Sedona Method Course for emotional/mental clearing and I mostly am aware of fear and anger as dominant negative emotions. Probably have control issues, which I am currently working on. My bowels do not evacuate very often since I got off the more laxative vegetables. I really like living off fruits mostly and I live in Connecticut so apples are readily available. I'm questioning if I should do another water fast or if I should take a more long-term strategy and continue my mostly fruits diet. You have a great selection of herbs and tinctures and whenever I think of ordering some I stop because I have no idea which ones I should start with. Can you please help me decide on a selection of herbs?

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