Questions & Answers 243 - Case Review, Relaxing Meditation, Heart

Apr 10, '14
Dave -- Love your videos Dr. Morse. But if you are going to have a guest, please let them have a turn. It would have been interesting to hear her speak.

Koharon -- The information seems to get a little lost with two people in the video. It's a little distracting when two people are there and only one engages the camera.

Steve - Like you mentioned today in your video, I used to do the relaxing meditation the way you described it: emptying my mind and entering an awareness in the Now. At that time I was seeking solutions to some serious health issues and working at a natural healing institute just down the road from Sedona, AZ. I remember visiting Eckankar once or twice, but they seemed to be in a little turmoil at the time. But, that was certainly a beautiful part of the country. In the evenings I would hike out from my back door up to the top of a small mesa where there were some old Indian ruins and watch the sun go down towards the west. It was an amazing place.

Mjl353535 -- Stop pretending you're educated in medicine. You clearly don't understand the first thing about medicine.

Lisa -- Dr. Morse, since you speak a lot about massaging neurolymphatic points, could you do a demo of how to do this correctly on a person, please? Thank you.

Scott -- I came across this article while trying to find out more about becoming certified and wanted to know what Dr. Morse recommends to those who want to help others like this gentleman was doing. "Unlicensed Naturopath John E. Curran Ordered to Stop Practicing. "

Stacy -- Case Review

Usha -- "Why my whole stomach is blinking?"

Organicsuperman -- I saw a local TCM practitioner Tuesday. They could tell from my pulses and tongue and explanation of problems I am kidney deficient. This is then effecting the other organs mainly lymph and heart, which I know are problematic, especially as an athlete (former at the moments)(docs are saying I am "post viral"). My heartbeat is very weak and very worrying to feel, almost as if it is struggling to pump the blood around the body, hence the cold hands and feet.

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