Questions & Answers 234 - Keeping Up with The Diet and Case Study

Feb 27, '14
Sam -- So I have a very very hard time keeping up with the frugivorish diet, I keep falling off the wagon, eating raw for a few weeks, and then junk food for a few weeks. I realize that I can't be 100% right now and have to go slower. What are the non-physiological foods that I can eat and still not harm my health too much and without them being addictive? What about starchy vegetables, eggs, rice, French fries, dressings (ketchup, mayonnaise...), mushrooms, gluten-free, dairy-free pastry? What can I do to cheat without it being to bad for my body?

Cheyne - CURRENT SITUATION - She feels sick every time she is taking the herbs and is sleeping most of the day.

She really can hardly walk around because of the edema and painful swelling and lies in bed most of the day and evening. I tried to get her to do some gentle bouncing movement but it seemed to make the swelling worse the next day.

I am just worried about her case. The swelling seems to be relentless and has moved around a bit from day to day but has not gone overall. There were days when it came out of her legs and ankles and inter her stomach.

She has friends coming around to her house and freaking her out. Today she said posted this about her experience yesterday.. "I know people mean well but I had a friend come over this morning telling me that if the doctors saw all my swelling they would put me in hospital immediately as my body is in danger of shutting down with all those toxins floating around my body & my kidneys not working. It's hard to stay on your path when people come & shake your core like that!"

I have told her that" These people are just coming out of fear for you but it is hard when they project that fear onto you when you are already in a vulnerable state. Did you tell her that the wonderful doctors are the ones who had the great idea to pump you with toxic chemotherapy over an extended period in the first place so you don't have the greatest trust in their modas operandi? Can you take some pics of your swelling so we can see how you are looking. At the same time, Dr Morse always says that there is nothing wrong with going to the emergency room sometimes so you can be properly monitored if things get really extreme. I know that you don't want to be the object of more of their torture but monitoring for a few days or a week to check all your vitals and assess where you are at is not a bad thing at all and in some cases its the safe thing to do.

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