Questions & Answers 236 - Vaccines, Baby Formula, Oxygen Therapy, Tetraplegic

Mar 10, '14
04:48 - Steve -- I was doing well until I took a boatload of vaccines prior living in Central America to study herbology and natural health, and work in a clinic down there. Within just a few months my whole system shut down and I quickly got chronic fatigue and couldn't digest anything. For the next few years back in the States I kept losing weight and after medical doctors told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that it was all in my head, I visited numerous natural health institutes around the country trying different diets, juicing, and fasting but with no success. Non of these places really knew how the body worked and no one had as much knowledge as you are sharing with all of us now.

34:37 - Alvaro -- My question is regarding my two kids: my girl is about to be 3 while my baby boy is 11 months. I noticed that my boy was allergic to formula at the age of 2 months. Unfortunately, my wife's milk production completely ceased about a month earlier. This led me to the WAPF raw milk formula, which automatically ended the GERD symptoms. Three months later the allergies and GERD came back so I switched him to broth formula. Soon after the raw milk formula started he became yellow and continued this way until around a month ago when I took him to an ayurvedic doctor who took him off the formula and started a detox based in fruit juices, cooked vegetables, avocados and coconut milk. We soon learned that he does not tolerate coconut milk nor water, vomiting almost immediately after intake.

44:25 - Tereza -- I have a question about an oxygen therapy called Extreme O2. A friend of mine just bought the machine that takes 100 percent of oxygen from the atmosphere and concentrates it in a 100 L bag. She then gets on an exercise bike and works out for 15 minutes and breathes the 100% oxygen. She does this 3 times a week. Her oxygen concentration in her body went from 86 percent to 97%/ It also healed her eczema in about a month. I have been told that its great for everyone. Do you have any experience with oxygen therapy?

49:15 - Becky -- The reason for contacting you is my husband who is Tetraplegic (C6/7 Complete). He had an accident which severely dislocated his neck at C6/& and therefore severely damaged his spinal cord as it was forced out of line. He was (we both were) very active prior to his accident; he loved movement and was grateful everyday for the ability to run, cycle, kayak, etc etc. So as you can imagine his disability has hit him hard -- he is paralyzed fro the chest down, with no hand function, minimal biceps and very limited triceps.

1:12:17 - Leah -- I have just got some blood results back from the doc and it suggested I am Hyperthyroid. I have previously been hypothyroid and suffered with cold hands and no energy, but now am hot! I was taking the thyroid glandulars up till a few months ago. I was wondering if taking these for too long could throw me into a hyper state?? and what would you suggest for the hyper?

1:19:55 - Lillian -- For lung fibrosis what type of diet and exercise is recommended, as well as what type of herbs?

1:23:53 - Jeff -- Ulcerative colitis has me not sure which way to go... In 2000 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and went on 12 pills a day since then and more with it flares. 12/09 at age 44 and two months after a full clean physical, I had a heart attack and had 5 stents put in my heart over 2 days and 2 procedures. I was told to go back to work and started having issues pretty soon after and was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I asked several doctors if the fact that they are both auto immune could they be linked in some way and the answer is always NO...

1:41:22 - John Doe -- Dr. Morse, what can you do about cigarettes?

1:43:59 - Kedra -- When I eat just grapes, momo-meal, I get really tired and have to lay down. Sometimes I even fall asleep. Why would this happen? Am I not metabolizing sugars?

1:48:23 - Missy Wyld -- You have discussed fruit & proteins (& it's over use or over emphasis) what about fats through? With issues around thyroid (Hashi's) & being careful rediabetes/insulin resistance etc... & Low adrenal and rising sugar levels stressing adrenals... (is it a catch 22, or will it "right itself" when we address adrenals?) I am a nervous about eating a lot of fruit (even though I LOVE IT!) I was told to have fats with it? (to slow absorption) So could you please explore with us, fats?

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