Questions & Answers 228 - Complete Hysterectomy, Kidneys, Back Pain, Terminal Illness

Feb 10, '14
14:14 - Cindy - I think I am the person that can stump you! I am 58-years-old. I had a complete hysterectomy 14 years ago. About a year later, I began to attempt suicide (12 times) was hospitalized and was court ordered to have 20 E.C.Ts. I am left with very little memories of my past, including being blessed with 4 children. Math, spelling, ability to learn new things as well pretty much gone. I do have some depression now, mostly anxiety to the point of rarely leaving my house. Is there hope for me? Can the brain regenerate? I would love to get on your program, but wonder if you can help.

22:33 - Josh -- I have written you before and your responses to me were so exciting and very inspiring. My Kidneys are having a hard time handling the orange's and they burn like a frying pan sometimes. My right kidney has a harder time than the left. What can I do to sooth burning kidneys? I haven't had much appetite for citrus nor been very hungry the past two days so I am drinking water and contemplating the kiwi fruit on my counter and thinking of apples and bananas. I have been doing exercises to reinforce nerve function and memory. Any suggestions you have in this area?

41:26 - Jared - I'm a 19-year-old male and I've changed my eating about five years ago. So thankfully I started sooner in life. I eat basically the 80/10/10 diet. I have mild back pain that I've had for a long time. It's in the area where my adrenals are. I always have bags under my eyes and have since I was a child. I believe I have a genetic weakness in my adrenals, especially my left one. What can I do to get my Adrenals back in shape?

1:02:00 - Monica - My question is about how I have read about people with (labeled) terminal illness who have had divine intervention or mind over matter approaches reverse their imbalanced bodies back to health. Is raw food just a channel towards connecting with out inherent ability to self heal, or does food's physicality in our body still play a part in EVERY case of healing?

1:22:00 - Patricia -- My sister told me about your herbs. I wanted to know if you had any herbs for my husband's back? He had 3 back surgeries and he still having problems with it. He's also had what you call nerves cauterized or fusing of the nerves on his back. It looked like acupuncture to me. Please let me know if you can help him. He use to be so active.

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