Questions & Answers 229 - Human Growth Hormone, Microwaves, Heart Attack, Root Canal

Feb 10, '14
03:46- X- I am a top level bodybuilder and compete in the Mr. Olympia contest. As you might be aware, in our sport anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and insulin are widely abused to build extreme amounts of muscle, combined with high protein diet. This is what it takes for me to win and be good at my job, I have been blessed with very good genetics and my body is dealing with all this stress fine so far. My question is, what should I do if I decide to have children?

11:27 - Scott -- How do you feel about cooking food in microwaves? What's the difference in stovetop and microwave cooking? Often times I see people heating water in microwaves and drinking their tea with it. Very bad right?

14:20 - Mike- I was wondering if there would be a downside to using two glandulars at the same time? For example, and adrenal glandular and a pituitary glandular or an adrenal glandular and a thyroid glandular. Should you only use one at a time? How long should you stay on it?

17:26 - Jonathan -- I started taking an adrenal glandular for one month and recently got a new iridology scan done. Something new appeared that was not there before I took the adrenal glandular. The new picture showed extreme adrenal weakness on the right eye. It was the biggest one the iridologist had ever seen, she was shocked. What could be going on in your opinion?

23:29 - Lisa -- I am a 60-year-old female. I suffered a heart attack at age 22 from pericarditis. About 5 years ago I started having tachycardia/arrhythmia constantly and do I went to the doctor. After tests, he said I had cardiomyopathy. I stopped taking one of my meds (lisinopril) about 2 months ago and stopped the other pill, Atenolol (beta blocker) to go on water fast hoping to help my heart. During the 5-day water fast my heart rate jumped up and stayed up the whole time, even after I stopped the fast. Will fasting and a fruit diet repair my enlarged heart, or am I dreaming?

45:15 - Alex -- What do you think about prisons and justice, the economic system, politics, education? I don't know, maybe adverse forces are working to stay in a divided world? In the same subject, I wonder why god who loves us all and his all that is manifested and non-manifested has created a world where perversion, lies, suffering, injustice, atrocity and difficulties is possible and so common...Whereas on the other side we can see things like beauty, love, justice, and truth.

1:06:49 - Phyllis -- What do you think about Root Canal Removal? I'm told root canals continue to emit poison into our system. I was wondering in your plan if they are actually healed completely and can be left in rather than removing?

1:10:43 - Unknown -- What is the anti-spasmodic that you are talking about? I was diagnosed with stage 4-lung cancer over 3 years ago. I did only 6 weeks of radiation and mild chemo every 2 weeks also for 6 weeks. I said good-bye to my oncologist; she gave me a death sentence. I have mucus and cough off and on. I want to strengthen my sweet lung as much as possible.

1:16:58 - Melanie -- I realized today I did have my hopes quite high for strictureplasty, because I felt really upset when the surgeon said no that wouldn't work for me because there are too many strictures and they are too long (8cm). He wants me to try more medications first. He says more surgery would cause short bowel syndrome and he would have to do resection not stricureplasty. I'm meant to do methotrexate injections and then graduate to Imuran and then remucaid. What are Dr. Morse thoughts on this?

1:25:06 - Tereza -- I have an AVM in my brain, which has been there probably since my birth. I just had a scary bleed at the end of August and was flown to hospital with special neurosurgery department. Luckily I had no insurance so they didn't do any processes or operations on me. The plan is open brain surgery though. Is it possible to heal something I was born with my detoxification, diet and herbs?

1:36:12 - Rozana -- Following up. Tons of sulfur on my eyes, Started the GI broom 15 days ago and today I realized that my eyes are different. I didn't pay too much attention until people started to notice the color change. I thought it was my skin due to the fruits. I just looked more beautiful.

1:36:53 - Organicsuperman -- I really need help with post viral fatigue. Are there any ways to boost my immune system? My neutrophils are 1.8 and total WBC is 3.8. I feel I am just staying at this level and not improving. I don't feel good.

1:39:42 - Sam -- What about aloe vera for inside the vagina to heal, cool and even as a sexual lubricant?

1:42:00 - Daria -- Could you explain why joints like elbows becoming sticky the lock (no full extension) in conditions such as RA? Could you also explain the way you work your way out of this? This is of course assuming that a person is following a mainly fruit diet and has done or is doing herbal formulas and working on digging deep.

Thank you Paul!

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