A Personal Look with Dr. Morse & Q&A 231 - Fatigue, Cystic Pimple, Diabetes

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Start until 47:31 Dr. Morse talks about his life.

47:32 -- Gordana --I am female age 63. I have a hard lymph ball under my right arm. It's the size of a chicken egg and I've had it for 2-3 years. Severe low back pain, can hardly move. Chronic Fatigue, always exhausted. Must take two naps during the day in order to do any work. High blood pressure sometimes 180/10. Use medicaments to suppress to 120/80 many decades back. Took no Chemo.

54:23 - Michael -- Out here in Japan, winter has been freezing...like everywhere else, lol. I have been trying to catch a cold or the flu from my students but haven't been able to. In Asian countries, when people get sick or are afraid of getting sick, they wear surgical masks...if only they knew the truth eh? I have some herbs coming my way and Heal All Tea and 3 Lung Tea for my girlfriend. I was wondering if you have had a client neti pot either of those teas? I can't wait for spring, we get grapes from Peru...big black juicy ones. Thanks for always answering my questions. Take Care!

59:03 - Lukas -- 5 years ago I developed a cystic pimple that left me with a hypertrophic scar near tip of my nose. 3 years ago, nurses flattened it a little bit with microdermabrasion procedure. Well, it still bothers me, so month and a half ago I decided to use castor oil on it. I massaged it with my fingers. Oil made the scar both worse and better, therefore I wanted to keep it within boundaries of scar. I massaged it with a Q-tip one night, did not press hard, but tissue reacted badly. It swelled up, raised, widened, and keeps widening every day. It has been month and the scar is more spread than it was. I think I may have keloid. What would you advise? How can I get rid of it? Keloid on nose is nothing pretty, but disfiguring. Thank you.

1:06:01 -- Diagnosed 1 week after 2nd birthday. She's had a whole lot of sugar related foods at her birthday party and also a lot of candy at Easter which was right around that time also. Parents both had poor diets prior to her conception due to eating processed foods, fast foods, fat restriction, sugar free, etc. Is it possible there is such a thing as a sugar overdose in triggering type 1 diabetes?

1:22:51 -- Jordan -- I'm a blogger from mytummytantrum.com. Our community suffers from chronic body odor condition, which destroys any chance of leading a normal life. The odors are relentless and there has only been a small number maybe (5%) of us who have been able to turn this condition around and move on with life. I found that mainstream medicine ABX failed me. I'm keen to hear your theories on these body odor conditions and particularly the one that sufferers term 'leaky gas'

1:36:07 -- Rana -- This is Rana (the girl who shadowed you last April). My question is about Hepatitis C. A relative has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C a few years ago and would like to know if there is a way to heal herself from it. Please let me know your thoughts on that.

1:40:53 -- Karen -- I'm 66 from the UK. I have been raw vegan, high fruit, 30 years. Very fit until these last few months. I started getting hoarse last year plus shortness of breath, had a bad cold previously, throat went into spasms, sometimes a little blood in saliva first thing, but not in mucus. Doc said asthma, but I don't take any medication or ventolin. Unfortunately I don't understand detox years ago and lost a lot of teeth. Ive had titanium implants and I'm scared they are blocking my immune system. Could that small amount of metal in my jawbone be causing this?

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Tania on Mar 16, '18

Thank you so much Dr Morse for sharing some of your personal journey. I love hearing about your experiences in life. Really appreciate your openness. Sending love.

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