5-Year-Old with Inner Ear Infection

Feb 18, '14
Dean - My five year old has had an inner ear infection for about a week now. We took him to the Doctor yesterday and he said just a mild ear infection he's dealing with it. Today he wakes up and his ear is swelling and it looks as though he definitely has Mastoiditis. So we took him to the hospital and they said we will put him on some antibiotics. If it's not better by monday take him to the GP. We have been giving him vit D3 today along with Vit C and made sure he is eating very light. Can Mastoiditis heal itself?

My Question is in your opinion is there a natural alternative to antibiotics. We have never given them to him before and hate the thought of giving in. But do not want him to get any worse. I know it can be serious if left in certain cases. His ear is protruding out slightly.

I totally know that you can not just say a cure via email but just your view would be much appreciated.

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