Questions & Answers 222 - Sugar Metabolism, Infrared Sauna, ADHD

Jan 21, '14
02:18 - Petar -- Apple Juice fast, Proya, and Brownies. I'm working on my type II sugar metabolism issues and last year I did an 85 day juice fast. 15 days on organges, 60 days on watermelons, and the rest were apples and pears.

18:10 - Deb -- Lots of info about the benefits of far infrared sauna and other FIR products. What is the truth? Seems like the end of the light ray may add to acid state?

24:17- Liver illnesses whip up debate over dietary aids. News Article.

34:21 -Steve -- About a year ago when we spoke I asked you about my 14-year-old son who was having constipation, ADHD, and not growing as fast as other males in my family. I'm writing to give you an update. Sending pictures of mothers eyes who is 82-years-old. So that you can provide some education for all of us about how eyes can change, or not, after so many years.

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