Questions & Answers 226 - Toxins, Digestion, GI Health, Kidney Regeneration

Feb 2, '14
01:30 - Abhz -- I am asking this question on behalf of someone I met. He followed a raw vegan diet, done water fasting with correct refeeding, etc. and ended up worse off in that I went from having adrenal fatigue to full blown ME/CFS. He now can't tolerate many starches or sugars and therefore have to turn to animal foods as even oats etc leave him worse off. What would you recommend for him?

08:19 - Vivian -- 1) Someone asked on the Facebook fan page if it is pointless to detoxify other organs if your kidneys aren't filtering? Would not the toxins just keep circulating in the blood? 2) How exactly does protein (or amino acids) affect the kidneys? And how much protein in grams would you consider to be too much to consume in a day? 3) What are your thoughts on leaky gut? 4) If fruits are harvested when they are not ripe, do they become acidic? 5) Can you get eye damage from sun exposure and 6) Would sleeping at night with my window open, allowing the room to become very cold, cause my body to undergo a detox? Is getting a cold really just detoxification?

22:57 - Martin - If I eat only fruits and take vegan PEA protein powder, and lymph cleansing herbs, would I be able to clean the lymph as if I ate only fruits? Do you think that the vegetable PEA would not allow it to happen?

25:06 - Gwen -- Can you speak to why fruits go through me so quickly? I have a lot of orange in my eyes and have been working on removal of it. I don't digest almost all vegetables. I'd like to step up to all fruit, but have so much difficulty digesting it.

34:57 - Andreas -- I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding GI health. I'm trying to iron out a fair few problems at the moment regarding all you favorite areas of the human body, adrenal fatigue, aching kidney's, brain fog, etc... My bowel movements despite eating less and being raw are still irregular. Sometimes going twice but usually skipping days. Regarding mucoid plaque, in your opinion, are those long rubbery ropes which people pass actual mucous or are they the psyllium?

54:58 - Unknown -- Dr. Morse, can you give me your top 6 kidney herbs for regeneration? Your maximum safe recommended dosage of iodine through kelp in Mcg? And to pop a pituitary back up how many do you do a day and for how many months?

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