Questions & Answers 218 - Candida, Hormonal Issues, Fatigue, Calories, Fructose

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1:34 -Cassie -- I'm writing to you to just let you know that I'm extremely thankful for finding you last Oct 2012! I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, I took your basic advice of, fruit, berries, and melons, and healed myself completely in 20 days with just berries.

15:19 - Nicolas -- Can Dr. Morse look at these eye photographs?

17:32 - Steven -- Please address Candida on an all-fruit diet. Because of serious chronic fatigue. I've been detoxing on mostly fruits for more than a year now with intermittent fasting (including 30 day water fast last summer and a couple of 10 day fasts before and after) I am on my third series of 60-90 days on your herbal protocol, but I still have a coated tongue and I am weak in addition to brain fog.

39:05 - Yann -- I eat plently of bananas and greens. I eat approximately 4,000 to 4,700 calories daily. Two hours after my meal, my blood ketone is still at 0.1mmol/I. I tested my meter with a healthy person who eats plenty of calories too and he obtained 0 mmol/I. Is it a sign (ketone trace 2 hours post meal) that I don't have enough calories?

43:33 - Lori -- My issue is that although many things cleared up, some things got much worse. My hormonal issues are getting worse (My periods last for weeks) and for the first time, I am having recurring attacks of candida. I get severe "hangovers" (feels just like the worst hangover, except I'm not drinking and it lasts for 2 days at a time!) and I begin to feel very paranoid when that happens.

1:06:35 - Jamesina -- I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue for 2 decades. I am now experimenting with raw fruits. I have a simple question which is related to Citrus fruits. Both my mother and I get migraines from eating these. Oranges, Lemons, etc... I love the taste, and would love to know your ideas on why I might experience this with fruits I like the taste of.

1:09:38 - John -- My question is about post chemo care after my friend had a tumor on her left breast. Prior to this she had long term candida, and I was just in the process of helping her, when the tumor was discovered. Sadly, she panicked and went with the white coats, and now she has asked for help.

1:25:01 - Carmen -- I am anemic and I'm a vegan. I just had a recent D&C procedure done because of heavy periods. The GYN doctor wants to remove my reproductive organs and I don't want to. The GYN doctor said that either surgery or put a device called Mirena or birth control medicine. I don't want to do any of these things.

1:35:59 - Krysta -- The girl who did the 5 month grape fast. I've completely fallen from the raw diet. The fruit quality here in Boston is horrible. My symptoms are coming coming back, lower back pain, my monthly cycle has returned which I have not had since last April. My hair is falling out again, I'm starting to feel insecure about myself, I've gained a decent amount of weight back, I'm starting to have body odor again, my vitiligo still has not spread but I fear for the worst if I continue.

1:47:58 - You did a case study on my mother, Margie. She has been eating fruits, berries, and melons, with very little vegetables including beets (only because she loves them) since the beginning of December. 3 days ago she woke with a fever blister. She says is deep on the inside of her mouth. I have been putting tea tree oil on it, it's going away. This morning (1/5) she woke with a knot the size of a grape at the collarbone where it meets the sternum, the point that sticks out on us. It's hard and hurts to the touch, but no color change from her skin. Is this a clogged adrenal?

1:55:14 - Raphael -- My father is battling Lymphatic cancer. He is just about to start the herbs and has received his protocol. This is all well, but the problem is about 2 years ago before he was educated in health, the doctors told him he had a swollen lymph node in his right leg. They cut it out, now two years later the leg is swollen and inflamed and my dad can hardly walk. Please educate me on this. I really would like to see my dad get better.

2:03:39 - Daniel -- I have a quick question about "Keratosis Pilaris" or commonly referred to as chicken and rosacea. What is a great way to cleanse and release that from the body?

2:07:34 - Kim -- I would greatly appreciate exactly how fructose is utilized in the cell because I can't find it anywhere, only information that states that it is bad for you and your book doesn't elaborate on it either. It just states that it gets in by diffusion and not how it gets converted into energy like glucose does in the Krebs cycle.

2:17:50 - Adele - I'm dealing with painful intercourse since I started having sex and I don't know how to resolve this

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Wendi Watson on Nov 7, '16

Hi there. Love love love dr morse and his staff. Just want to reply to the question about headaches from citrus. I was diagnose with histamine intolerance and have same issue. Just wanted to share that is the medical term they have for it. Thanks so much for sharing your love ❌❌

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