Questions & Answers 215 - Cavities, Hernia, Emotional Issues, Hypothyroidism, Kinesiology

Jan 5, '14
04:13 -- Mike -- I see that Robert uses black walnut hulls and butternut bark in the Parasite M formula. I'm wondering if he has ever used pecan hulls for the same purpose?

08:13 -- Marta -- I'm experiencing big cavities in 3 of my teeth, I have no pain since I started using a black walnut tincture daily hoping it would stop them from spreading, but they are spreading really quickly. Questions for a friend about eye laser surgery on both of her eyes.

34:38 -- Carmen -- 49-years-old. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with hernia in my lower back. I am overweight and I have long episodes of severe depression, fatigue, muscle pain, swollen feet, bags under my eyes, swollen hands, pain in my knees. I can't move properly in order to get up so it takes time until I can stand.

53:36 -- Pam -- I'd like to know how much fruit should I be eating for breakfast and lunch, or just throughout the day so I know I'm eating enough for nutrition sake. I have a tendency to under eat.

55:50 -- Mann -- I'm having a lot of emotional issues that I don't know how to deal with and I believe they have been there since I was a kid. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with slightly Hypothyroidism. I have fatigue, nausea, fainting, lack of concentration, arrhythmia, tachycardia and feeling very depressed.

1:11:28 -- Sam -- I was wondering about homeless people. What would be better for them? Should they eat whatever people give them (gluten and all that) or find grass, chew it to swallow the juice of it and then spit it out? Would that give them the strength and energy to go through life and cold weather?

1:16:51 -- Sovereign chi -- Have been practicing applied Kinesiology -- Why does the energy field sometimes indicate these products are strengthening to the field when, in fact, and I believe you, they are harmful/not ultimately imbalancing to the field/body? Proteins- I understand and believe what you say about the body's challenge to breakdown proteins in their useable form, amino acids. The direction I often read about is that the body needs the amino acids to build proteins; thus, we require a broad spectrum of amino acids to make "a complete protein" to build tissue.

1:32:17 -- Brittney -- I've had my protocol reviewed by a practitioner (it was a protocol I gave myself off of the video reading you gave me of my eyes). One thing arose with the glandulars. He said I should not be taking the pituitary with a Thyroid or Parathyroid glandular, as this is too hot and can burn the gland.

1:34:50 -- Chantelle -- I've taken antibiotics 3 times this year, I'm working on healing my bacterial vaginitis. I've tried Oregano oil, tons of probiotics, apple cider vinegar douches, probiotic suppositories. I cut out sugar and alcohol. I've added extra folic acid, Vitamin C and D, and taking Reishi. What am I missing?

1:46:14 -- Josh -- I have a cousin in-law with Familial Polyposis. I have a 68-year-old grandma in-law with chronic Lympocytic Leukemia. She has already had some Chemotherapy.

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