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Dec 3, '13
10:31 -- Linda -- My 77-year-old mother was an administrator at a big hospital for a decade back in the 70's & 80's. She ate bottles of Tums like it was candy from that time on until 3 years ago when she moved here with us due to Alzheimer's. Her problems that I'm trying my hardest to see her cured from are high blood pressure. She's on 5mg Norvasc per day for many years...Con't...

24:05 -- Childoff Foucoss -- So why on earth would you recommend coconut milk which is only abundant in medium chain saturated fatty acids, wouldn't that build uncommunicative neurons, and staunch the intellectual potential of the infant.

36:33 -- Ralph -- I need to lose about 75 pounds. I'm 5'7 and 218 pounds. I've lost 25 so far this past year. I juice everyday but on the weekends I cheat. I don't know if I should do another green juice fast, eat raw fruits and vegetables or fruit juice fast?

40:10 -- Karen -- Thank you Dr. Morse so very much for the case study videos. I so appreciate all the videos but really really needed these case studies to bring it all together.

40:39 -- Beth -- You mentioned that the endocrine gland formula increases steroids. Does this mean it increases estrogen and testosterone? I did notice it contained ginseng. Why would we want to increase acid forming hormones? Doesn't this cause acne and other problems? Please explain this to me.

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