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Dec 2, '13
02:04 -- Lindsay -- Many people in the US and around the world (especially outside kids) are seeing these strings come out in their stools during the cleaning process. Have any of your clients mentioned them to you? Do you know what they are?

12:25 -- Victorita from Romania, 24-year-old under psychiatric treatment.

18:38 -- Raphael - I have completely stopped any meats and now onto raw fruits and veggies, 90% of my diet. I'm battling a bad case of flatulence. Even if I just juice my fruits and veggies I still experience it. I'd like to know what you recommend.

28:02 -- Abhz, 20-year-old from Scotland. I have some acne scars, not actual acne but the scars left over. I am wondering whether your formulas would work in curing my problem with scars.

34:14 -- Daniel -- Alberta Canada -- The second episode of psychosis or madness that I experienced seemed to be about getting my consciousness level high enough to rid itself of a sickness or obstruction. It was a healing crisis, which due to being in the hospital was promptly stopped with medication.

46:52 -- Lou -- 38-year-old Australia. Height is 5.2, menstrual cycle is short and light, every 23 days for 3 days. Left eye has a visual floating black spot, black circles under eyes, wrinkly, dry skin, weak, soft, splitting finger nails, cold extremities, hernia just above belly button, very weak, thin, sensitive skin of the outer female region.

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