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Dec 1, '13
02:38 -- Victoria -- 24-Year-Old. Under psychiatric treatment for bipolar disorder. My situation becomes critical if I give up the pills. I'm searching for new methods except the conventional one. I really don't know how to start.

15:32 -- Daniel -- You constantly say "move the lymph" especially when it comes to growing of the hair and removing of the bumps and rosacea. What exactly does it mean to "move the lymph."

17:55 -- Brianna -- I love listening to you talk about your spiritual journeys, and I was wondering if you could tell us about some of them? What you saw and experienced?

22:07 -- Maryanne -- You mentioned fruitarianism is not sustainable for many people long term. Why is this? Is it because it is not nutritionally sustainable and we will become deficient? Is it for a spiritual reason? Please explain:

30:12 -- My son is 12-years-old and has asthma. He recently had a blood test and the results showed he was low in human growth hormone. Could you: 1) Suggest recourse for him to get healthy and 2) Give your feedback on dairy and animal products and the type of foods that are backing his sytem up as well as the best diet for him to grow to his true height.

35:28 -- Kina -- Please accept an astral hug and thank you for saving my life. I am at the point where I am not sure what to do. I do fruits and juices during the day and a salad at night. I get the feeling I need to detox (mono) more, but I am weak. My body feels like its working the nervous system, chest organs and gut. I get severe pain in the chest, under the breasts. It's so intense it hurts my back and I feel like puking. I get light headed, constantly cold. I feel pressure in the low back of my head and there is a sort of creepy heart beat in my gut area.

47:06 -- Nick -- I am confused about something (or someone). I do not know if you ever heard of Dr. Rubin Jordan. He had a very bad colitis as a teenager and looked anorexic. He claims he got well on organic raw milk, organic cultured raw cheese and meat with some fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed. How is this possible?

51:16 -- Organicsuperman -- I've always been curious as to why I no longer need my ears syringed every six months since juicing. What would be the reason? What process in my body have I cleared up that before was causing the wax build up.

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