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Nov 24, '13
01:26 -- Curt -- Is there any chance that the growth factors in Deer Antler could grow a tumor or make it harder to remove one?

04:53 -- Jal -- I lose my hair really bad, and even more since I started getting only fruit. I started to put castor oil masks on my hair, wrap with foil and sleep with that and wash it off in the morning. Is it a good idea? Is it safe to do it everynight or will my hair suffocate and fall out even more?

08:21 -- Jannie -- I did a water fast for 10 days in October and to my surprise I got very bad oxygenation. I could barely do anything at all. Is this cause my lack of adrenal function? I would like to do a water fast again because I really need to give my body the best chance I can to heal now, but the wise thing is maybe to wait. What is your advice?

19:51 -- Lisa -- An update for you on my gene therapy. The doctors have told me that a gene deletion (CNGA3) is present in my DNA and the gene therapy will attempt to replace that. Sorry, questions got cut off.

23:16 -- Sarah -- I am very very very sick with mercury toxicity. I have a lot of brain issues as well as entire body cellular stuff. My question is, can I heal from this without chelation and what kind of diet do you recommend? I know thw body needs protein, but now can I fix and repair my brain cells?

26:39 -- X-Ray -- A friend of mine has had radio therapy for throat cancer, his saliva glands are depleted because of the treatment, so he has a dry mouth, his oesophagus has shunk, he is being feed through a tube to his stomach. His brain function and mine are as good as always. He wants to know how to rebuild/regrow his saliva gland back.

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