Questions & Answers 207 - See Description for Details

Nov 19, '13
2:39 -- FlyingWithHorses -- I'd appreciate your insights into the following, as there is a media war being waged against fructose and I'd love help with how to bring sense to some debates which have been coming my way regarding juiced fruit.

8:22 -- Joshua -- My mother recently had a biopsy of her vaginal wall for cancerous cells. The cells are stage 3 cancer cells, but don't seem to exist elsewhere after this removal. I Purchased the Female Reproductive and encouraged her to eat raw fruits, any other recommendations?

13:35 -- Brianne -- I have a question about herbs. In nature, we would naturally be attracted to fruit of course. However, I can't see myself being attracted to herbs, as they are bitter and distasteful. Aren't we meant to eat what we would naturally be attracted to in a tropical climate?

22:58 -- MaryJane- Herbs and toxicity

25:35 -- Liz -- Rheumatoid Arthritis/Master Cleanse

27:45 -- Bryndis -- Emma, 10-year-old and Olly, 71-year-old. Olly has been struggling with pain in her hips for 14 years and at the same time had dizziness, and has many times fallen on the floor; Has been getting worse now. Has a hard time holding things with her right hand. She has difficulty standing and numbness in her right leg and feels like her tongue is in the way when she speaks. Please see Q&A 206 at 36:13 for additional information regarding Emma.

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