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02:45 -- Carol -- It has come to my attention that the fruits and vegetables (for the most part -- store bought) may be enzyme deficient (poor soil) and I am wondering what you guys think about it.

15:46 -- Carol -- If you are filtering should you stop the Lymphatic formulas and Kidney formulas? At what point can you stop? Is it better to stop the herbs when you cannot find ripe fruit such as in the winter and pick it back up when they are available since the herbs work best when eating fresh fruit?

18:31 -- James -- What's Dr. Morse's opinion on grounding our body to the earth and what effects does that have on our health?

23:09 -- Songcather86 -- I just found out I have cataracts. Surgery has been recommended. Does anyone have any advice on this issue?

26:50 -- Timmy -- Dr. Morse, how are glandulars any different than digestive enzymes? Enzymes stop your body from producing its own, so why wouldn't glandulars atrophy the glands in the same way?

32:21 -- John -- I am helping a reformed alcoholic who still has stomach damage and ulcers after a year of temperance. His diet was the usual bane of much dairy, meats, and processed starches.

36:13 -- Bryndis -- My friend's daughter has been in a hospital in Iceland for some months now. The doctors talk about having a disease in her colon, but they don't have a name, and actually it seems like they do not have control over anything. They have been experimenting with different drugs.

40:31 -- Anett -- I am a 27-year-old woman and was born cross-eyed. My left eye looks to the left when I look straight ahead. When I was 5-years-old it was corrected somewhat through surgery. Now my eyes to the left only when I get tired and stop focusing.

47:40- Brandon -- I have many fillings in my mouth from when I was younger and not taking care of my teeth and eating the wrong foods. Should I look into having some of these mercury fillings replaced with the ceramic fillings, or should I start fruit fasting and take herbs to see if my body will naturally push some of these out?

51:57 -- James -- What's your opinion on Pomegranates for moving lymph?

53:06 - Margo Mango -- A close person in my life was born with a rare genetic disease niemann-pick disease. This is a metabolic disease and the main symptom is an enlarged spleen. Do you have any recommendations on how he could improve this?

57:24 -- Jay -- I have a question about building muscles, since I'm a weight lifter we eat high protein to build bigger muscles. How can one build big lean muscles from eating fruit all day?

1:06:09 -- Pat -- Enzymes, Probiotics, and Dan McDonald.

1:08:49 -- Marie-Anna -- A daughter of a friend of mine has been diagnosed with an aneurism between the two parts of the brain and has severe headaches.

1:12:19 -- Krysta -- Update after 5 months grape fast.

1:21:13 -- Chad -- What do we do about dental disease? Should I take a Thyroid glandular for my Parathyroid since the Parathyroid is important to calcium utilization? How do I alkalize my saliva?

1:27:55 -- Vivek -- I've been on a high raw diet with lots of fruits and vegetables for a while and I have a lot of energy. My eyelids twitch a lot daily and before that my nose used to twitch which has now stopped. I get bloated after eating, my digestion is slow and I get a lot of gas. Could this be parasites or Mercury toxicity.

1:31:26 -- Pamela -- My 38-year-old sister has had her gallbladder out a few years ago due to pain & gallstones after many years of digestive problems. She finally figures out that she can't have gluten & other foods due to allergies. What are your thoughts on what causes people to have problems absorbing fructose?

1:42:08 -- John -- Pinched nerve -- What can I have done physically to my shoulder to help prevent this from coming back? I feel that this will keep coming back since I cannot endure the pain of letting this issue heal properly.

1:49:42 -- Chad -- A debate that is common within the raw food community is over how much to eat. Always feeling hungry.

1:57:46 -- Dot -- Can you reverse TMJ? I am in the process of losing weight, possible to have some baggy skin snap back?

2:00:05 -- Mary -- Stopping the Endocrine gland formula. Acne went away and have had a heavy period.

2:06:05 -- Brianna -- Follow up on Nature's Sunshine seminar I went to.

2:16:48 -- Susie -- I have Multiple Sclerosis. I use fore arm crutches to walk. I take an oral drug for fatigue. Should I stop taking these drugs and Detox myself?

2:22:44 -- Nancy -- Suffered with chronic constipation all my life. I have panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, Fibromyalgia/CFS, cognitive impairments, short term memory loss, hypothyroidism, low blood pressure, depression, PTSD and have made two suicide attempts back in 2002.

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Bryan on Jan 15, '20

Wow! I appreciate the work you do, Dr Morse! I’ve had TMJ for over 4 years and I barely decided to do something about it 6 months ago. Got a mouthguard, but I always felt deep in me that I would always have TMJ forever. But at least the popping vanished since my joint was elevated. Anyways, thanks for having this video! I wish you strength, happiness and health forever!

Lauren allegra on Jul 30, '17

Are cold or frozen foods bad for us . I love eating frozen grapes and shakes from frozen berries and bananas

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