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Nov 13, '13
06:00 -- Tiger, Young boy of 3 that has cancer and has been discharged from the hospital. He has not had chemotherapy, but the doctors did operate on him, resulting in the loss of some intestine, and a kidney. Now he has been discharged, and his parents have been told "give him the best for the last few months".

15:26 -- Daniel -- 24-year-old from Calgary Alberta. Could you please speak about the psychosis and how to heal it. What success have you had with people experiencing schizophrenia or bipolar?

34:26 -- Addie -- When I was 19, I had rotator cuff surgery and put a permanent screw in the shoulder. Afterwards my shoulder seemed to break out constantly and it seems like acne on my face has gotten worse, as well as spread down my neck and back over the years. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for topical treatments for the acne, scars, or stretch marks?

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