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Nov 13, '13
Shout out to Dwayne From North Carolina. Kidney Dialysis

18:00 -- Iman -- I have been suffering since childhood from fatigue, cold hands/feet, foggy memory, acne, bad body odor, wrinkles under eyes, dizziness and on and on. I'm not sleeping. My thyroid checked out as low as 0.33.

25:09 -- Rob -- What are your top 5 Male enhancement herbs? And what are your top herbs for Joints? Overdose mishap with Poke Root. I took about a round teaspoon of the dried powder with a few others. A couple hours later I was in agony, cold sweating, couldn't move, pale, gray skin, and projectile vomiting.

44:00 -- Kara -- I am starting your detox program and will be following the protocol for 12 weeks. I have gotten over the fear of taking all these herbs at once; however, I am concerned that it may lower my already low blood pressure. Also, concerned about my loose teeth. I have 4 loose teeth. I am going to do your 12 week program, exercise, and do bio feedback for relaxation. Is there anything else that you feel I should do other than what I have listed below. Do you have any other products that you feel would be helpful for bone loss? Also, I am going to do a sauna.

1:06:31 -- Pick4guy -- If I eat honey, does that mean I am not considered Vegan?

1:07:44 -- Leanna -- Candida -- 36-year-old female on the road to Wellville. I dug a little too deep and tried to rush my arrival to Wellville.

1:22:38 -- Kim -- Can I see what Cholesterol ring in the eye looks like?

1:24:29 -- Mybearso - Cancer just hit close to home. My 28-year-old sister was just diagnosed with 2 thyroid nodules and one is cancerous. She doesn't want to get her thyroid removed, but she doesn't know what to do. What can I tell her to help her if she choses your program? What would the herbal protocol be and would she want to avoid glandulars at first?

1:28:14 -- Rse Mry -- I got a bag of non-organic lemons since they looked ok. Once I got home from the grocery store, I read the label more carefully. It said it was sprayed with petroleum, gases, and other unknown chemicals....yeah

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