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Nov 11, '13
01:15 - Sug - I'm a 34 year old male. Everytime I ejaculate it always yellow with lumpy gel like blobs. (I think its phlegm) I did some research on this and people say its common in men. I'm afraid that I have bad sperm.

02:57 - Chad - I was wondering what your opinion was on acupuncture?

06:09 - Kelly - How does one know when they are completely detoxed; or is it an ongoing process? Also, what type of cooked foods do you eat?

11:24 - Jay - I have a 4 year old when he was born the doctors pulled him. This shifted his head so one side has a bump and the other side is more flat. I think it threw his alignment off, so his knees became knocked knee. He's using a brace at the moment, which corrected about 80% but still out of alignment 20% in the head and legs. Is there something one can do for this situation? Any suggestions would be great.

16:49 - Jal - Do you think we could survive indefinitely by drinking grass juice? Do you believe there is a hell for "mean" people? When detoxification is done, one could eat greens to build tissue. Is it absolutely necessary? I have severe alopecia and I would like to regrow my hair, but I definitely hate greens.

28:58 - Mary - Since I began taking your Endocrine, Heal All, Liver Gallbladder, and Stomach & Bowels, I began developing what looks like hormonal acne around my chin, no appetite, and my hair continues to fall out. IS this normal, or are the formulas disrupting my hormonal balance. I'm confused regarding alcoholic tinctures. Isn't alcohol bad for you?

36:38 - Ashley - I'm 22 years old and have been suffering with Interstitial Cystitis since the first of the year. I went in a hot tub on New Years Eve and woke up the next morning with UTI symptoms. I went on antibiotics for a week and for 2 weeks I was fine. Symptoms came back when I started running. My pelvic area began to swell, I was urinating more frequently and my urine was dark and cloudy. I have not not been the same since. Can I heal my IC and then work on my PFD?

47:41 - Bri - Extremely concerned after a large day long Natural Health Seminar hosted by Nature's Sunshine Naturpatic Doctors. They advocated high supplementation to treat symptoms such as: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, meal replacements (high protein) Cholodial Silver, ect. I feel like running to the store and buying all the B12 and iodine they have. Please help! I'm completely lost.

1:08:36 - drich - I have noticed lately that I feel "outside" of myself. If I am doing something I enjoy or just sitting watching TV, sometimes I touch myself to see if I am "real" I always considered myself grounded/practical but I'm very spiritually focused. I must say though I am evolving. I have recently (6 mo) became a vegetarian. Sometimes I just feel great and easy. What do you think I'm going through?

1:12:33 - dobe762 - Approximately how much fruit would an adult of small stature need to be eating to be healthy?

1:14:39 - AstrOnaut - 19 year old male from Ohio. Back in February of this year. I spontaneously was struck with significant misfortune. My nervous system seems to be presenting itself as an indicator of something going wrong within my body.

1:21:02 - frnknsns - Dr. Morse, what about distilled water? Is it good for you or bad for you?

1:23:06 - John Wells - It's all woo woo nonsense to say humans shouldn't eat animals/meat. When you kill an animal you should always eat the heart first, always make sure you only eat animals that are free and harbor no stressful hormones from captivity and you should feel blessed to consume that living beings flesh, all indigenous populations understood this.

1:26:31 - Stacy - Please do a video on ADHD, allergies (outdoor and indoor) Vaccines and chronic ear infections. Can I heal ADHD, allergies, croup, warts and how?

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