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01:37 - Rozana - Building a detox center in South Florida. I was 220 pounds, now at 177. There is one thing that I am not able to get rid of: Cravings after lunch or dinner. I eat more fruits and cravings seem to ease a bit but not 100% Hard now to lose weight because of the sweets I eat.

10:29 - Geri - Grandson has a grapefruit sized cyst in his bile duct. He has Pancreatitis. Hospital sent him home to heal before surgery. His numbers are climbing again and he's starting to have pain again. They want to do surgery in the next two weeks to remove the cyst and repair the Bile Duct and remove his Gallbladder.

15:06 - Chad - You talk a lot in your videos about the importance of the Kidney and Bowels in detoxification, however, I haven't heard you say much about the Liver or Spleen. What roles do the Liver and Spleen play in detoxification and how do they interact with the rest of the body.

22:57 - Victor - I just turned 23. I have inflamed gums and have a couple teeth with brown coloring and seems to be decaying since I was 5 or 6. My bones and tissues feel weak. I have Osgood Schatter disease, fragile toe nails, losing my hair, have fought Pericarditis for the last two years, heart murmur, cold hands and feet and eye floaters. Growing up I was told I had dyslexia and problems with spatial reasoning.

38:11 - Krysta - Ended my grape fast on October 21. I did exactly 5 months on grapes and grapes alone. The only reason I stopped was because I felt like nothing was happening except weight loss. I still didn't have any major healing crisis, not even a cold or any mucus discharge. Have a friend who recently took interest in raw foods. I asked how they are doing and they told me the most bizarre thing. They say they eat raw but when they have that uncontrollable urge to cheat, they put the food in their mouth, chew it to get the taste, and then spit it out.

57:24 - Jaxlyn - The reason why I am emailing you today is because I know that you have a lot of power and influence on the internet. I was really hoping that you could do a short video for Washington State on voting Yes to 522 (encouraging people to vote to label GMO)

1:07:10 - Christine- Recently started incorporating more raw foods having been buying organic produce for awhile. I would like to start cleaning my body but don't know where to start. I have cholesterol rings around my eyes and sometimes have head fog. Could you give me some guidance on where to start.

1:13:20 - Dot - Could you address the issue of Iodine? I've been suffering from Hashimoto Thyroiditis and was told to stay away from Iodine.

1:26:18 - Melon Lover - I would like to know more about Naturopathy as a career. May Dr. Morse post a video about career paths?

1:32:15 - Prune - Do you think water fasting can remove heavy metals from the body? I know you talked about fruits, algae, and leafy greens, but I wondered about water fasting. What do you think of prolonged use of baking soda as a replacement for shampoo?

1:35:49 - A'oi - My Mom was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer 2 years ago and was irradiated (as treatment) for 6 weeks. Now, she has about 10 rapidly growing goiters in her neck. What program would you recommend for her?

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Rhoda on Oct 15, '19

I have inherited a shaking problem. It is in my hands mostly & it is worse when I’m nervous. Sometimes my whole body is shaking inside. I drop things a lot because of it.

LEE on Mar 2, '18

U recommend raw food. What do u think about the gmo n pesticides they put in the food. Should we eat organic. Which Is expensive .

Julie on Jun 17, '16

I was wondering what treatment would be if this was a hydatid cyst? There are so many more parasite problems in this country that “traditional” doctors will even acknowledge. Thanks for all of your wonderful videos. God Bless

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