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Oct 9, '13
02:58 -- Brianna P. Following detox menu for the bold for two months. High organic fruits with vegtables at night. I started this diet to regain health, but my skin has been awful since starting. Will it ever get better? What is the perfect diet I can live on for the rest of my life?

14:21 -- Monique G. My mom, age 67 has Hypothyroidism, sinus issues, wakes during the night, fatigue, bowel movement once a day, low platelet count, anemic, forgettable (but doesn't think so), had hip replacement at age 63, taking Armour Thyroid.

24:36 -- A'oi B. -- What is the best way to regrow tooth enamel & how long does it take? QUESTION OVERLOOKED. RESUBMITTED TO DR. MORSE.

27:12 -- ndan3 -- Could you address a sudden severe head pain during sex/climax? Is it a stroke, or aneurysm and what is recommended as a remedy?

28:47 -- Scott J. Finally leaving Kidney Dialysis and transitioning to Labor and Delivery. What valuable advice can you give me to look out for in this department?

32:39 -- Mica L. -- Do you have any tips on how to get a cooked hooked partner to get interested in this? Partner has a 4 year old and believes that cooked food contains much more nutrition than rawfood.

38:34 -- James R. -- I have terrible itchy skin. I always wake up in the night around 2-5am needing to urinate. I also have about 15 lumps all around my body. Have dry, flakey skin around my eyes, ears, belly button and genitals. Do you think this is Candida? I've had over 20 Staph infection, suffer bad anxiety and mild depression.

46:05 -- Melvin H. Plagued with bad breath for what seems like forever. I have tried every remedy on the planet and nothing seems to work. Please give me some advice on what to do. Periodontics have been no help.

48:05 -- Joan -- My sister-in-law is going blind in both eyes. She is already blind in one eye and the second eye has limited vision. Do you think that something can be done to restore her vision? She does have diabetes.

51:07 -- James -- My questions is about Alopecia Areata. I've had this condition on and off since my early 20's, I'm now 43. I have several large spots(hairloss) on my scalp. I'm not sure exactly what I should be focusing on for this condition.

55:33 -- John -- Due to go to Uganda for missionary work in a few months and have been advised to have a yellow fever vaccination. Is there anything else which could help me in this case? Any advice would be appreciated.

59:17 -- Vidoje -- What kind of toothpaste should we use? Do you have any idea on toothpaste made from fruit, oils and vegetables? What do you use?

1:01:16 -- Brandon S. Girlfriend is about 50 to 60 percent raw on mostly fruits. The other 40 to 50 percent she eats cooked foods such as bread, beans, and potatoes. I wanted your advice on how to strengthen her body and weakness. Has been on Prozac for the past year. Her blood pressure is about 88 over 40. She has depression, migraines, may have spine weakness or a very mild Scoliosis.

1:08:47 -- Monica L. -- Raw food for over 2.5 years. What is the best generic herbal formulas to have on hand to address chemically imbalanced individuals who have been labeled psychotic and are stopping their drugs?

1:16:34 -- Dot -- I'm up to level 4 on the Fab Four, my skin is burning and itching, good sign right? Kidneys still not filtering, more lemon juice right? I have cut down half dose of Synthroid, temperature hovering high 97 to low 98, time to lesson dose, right? Should temp ideally be in the mid 98's?

1:19:51 -- Sal K. I wanted to ask you about Babaesia and Bartonella. Both parasites from ticks and I was wondering if detoxing alone would get rid of these?

1:21:16 -- Angela -- What is your opinion on the Omega 3 theory and do we need it? I have been brainwashed bad on the Omega 3 theory and I am fearful of stopping it. Can you tell me whether we do need it?

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