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Sep 30, '13
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12:52 -- Thundershock315 -- Hi, type 1 diabetic here. Just some knowledge that I think you may find surprising. If I, or any type 1 diabetic for that matter, eat a piece of fruit without covering with insulin, My BG levels go through the roof. If I go a day without insulin, I die. There are no such things as "insulin free carbohydrates". You are very wrong my friend...

15:50 -- Emmy Jay - Dr. Robert, can I do Exercises and sports during detox period or not??? Or should I slow down and give my body a rest???

19:10 - TY JC -- My wife is suffering from Psoriasis, she went on a healthy fruit diet, it made her constipated for life, but didn't heal her. Can you help me? It spread out on the entire body! Another thing I need help is, she is pregnant and is getting contractions in the 7th month,

25:12 -- Marian -- From the Netherlands- Massage Therapist. I have a questions about my son who is almost 5. Doubted the whole vaccination, but fear and peer pressure got the better and did some vaccination. Doesn't want son to have troubles later on.

32:56 -- Moi -- Question about bones over hardening. Girlfriend Korola, diagnosed at a young age with a congenital heart malformation. She was brought in for an emergency surgery operation to place a pacemaker in her chest. They butchered her, but she is alive. She had a bike accident where her legs and head had been injured. There, she lost the sense of taste (a cloak in her brain?) and partially the sight one. Taking various pills and vitamins to "help" with her condition. Periodically she had back and lower back pain and is depressed. Do you think, as I do, that there is a way/chance to reverse it?

50:20 -- Shiva -- Dear Dr. Morse I am admiring your work and God bless you to carry on doing your work for humanity. I often share your videos in Turkish and people ask me questions. They are asking if they are diabetic how can they do fruit detox? Can they do fruit detox or melon, or watermelon detox which is a great fruit for Turkey.

55:40 -- Robbylongfella -- Uring Drinking. A bit of a weird question...What is your view on drinking your own urine? Some people say it is extremely good for health...maybe good for detox...Just wondering as I am interested. Love your videos.

health...maybe good for detox...Just wondering as I am interested. Love your videos.

57:41 -- Nathan Heavens -- I'm 37 with COPD and Alpha 1, I'm piZZ and have severe breathing problems, I've been diagnosed since I was 30. My lung efficiency is below 18% and my FEV1 are 11%. Can you help me?

1:01:43 -- MrJHEagle -- Hello Doctor. I have used your detox solutions hoping to remove Sinus Polyps and they have only become bigger.

1:05:05 -- Frnknsns -- Please talk about your personal experiences with your own water fasting. Thank you for everything!

1:09:57 -- YogaGirl -- Dr. Morse, I love you to no end!!! Can you talk about Kidney tissue regeneration after a Kidney failure, and also how to approach a Kidney transplant -- how to strengthen new Kidneys and at the same time try to regenerate old Kidneys? Thank you from my heart!

1:13:26 -- Yash -- I had 3 tooth fillings pop out in the last month, but I have no inner movement whatsoever to run to the dentist. I want to let the body do its thing. I love the self-sufficiency of that and also not having my energy field invaded by mainstream medicine.

1:13:59 -- Paulo Indio -- 3 year old and Giardia. Had X-Ray of his tummy, came out he has feces on both sides in the intestines. Why does he has all those feces backed up and what can I do? Everyone around me blames fruit or too much of it.

1:19:44 -- Victor -- I have been following you for almost a year; however, I have recently been informed that I have an inguinal hernia. I can't find any videos with this topic. If you could please describe what I should do physically and take orally.

1:21:27 -- Terance -- Two weeks ago I had been taking a maximum of eight units per day of Novorapid. I used to take sixity units per day. My diet is at least ninety percent raw. A healing crisis would be putting it mildly.

1:25:13 -- Marc- Brain damage and sun gazing. I have a couple of questions for you. I love herbs, but could you explain your experience with water fasting and the level of detox compared to the raw fruits with the herbs. I bought a couple of herbs from a shop in my area: Gotu Kola, Gingko, Skullcap, Rosemary, and Schizandra Berry. Would using them as a tea be optimal to have the full effects or simply eat them would be better? As for the sungazing and isolation of chemistry and magnetics. I feel that it burned my spatial visual memory cortex because I have a hard time figuring out the space, the distance, depth and dimension of things in my environment. So my question is; Is there anything that we can regenerate?

1:30:09 -- Prostate Issues

1:34:09 -- Candi -- 31 year old female. I have been sick since I was about 9.

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