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Sep 22, '13
Welcome Message -- Thank you Katie

04:39 -- Devorah -- What I can do more in the raw diet to help to succeed with Scoliosis? How do I take Comfrey Root? Do you have any herbal formulas for people that have Scoliosis? Exercises alone don't help, Spine just turns back to the curvature.

22:58 -- Marcus -- Medical Doctor From England, UK. In the middle of an acrimonious and painful divorce. Have sadly gone back to the ease of the false stimulants of Pizza and fatty foods. Worryingly started to drink 6-7 pints of beer most evenings in an attempt to console myself. Please produce a video talking about the negative attributes and acidity of this lifestyle.

35:46 -- Edwina -- Have been on Dr. Atkins' diet many years of my life and I have just broken down my Kidneys, etc. I have had cancer in both breast and in a couple of my Lymph Nodes on the left side 6 years ago? Did the surgery thing, but no treatments. With in the last 6 months I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease and on meds and now under control. Cancer is back on the same Lymph Nodes.

41:42 -- Jemerio -- I have a question about fat loss. I want to lose the fat that's on my body and, I was wondering what is the best way by doing that? Is it changing my diet to pure vegetables or fruits? Is there any herbs or supplements that you recommend that I take?

46:34 -- Krysta -- On going grape fast, 20 years old. Health concern is Vitiligo. I was taking Pure Pituitary for that and took your advice and started adding Upper Circulation and Brain & Nerve II. I had told you that my Kidneys still weren't filtering and I'm hardly seeing any sediment, even after 4 months on grape and taking herbs religiously. No major healing crisis, but I wanted to bring a few things to your attention. I was due for my monthly cycle, but it never came and has not since April. Should I be concerned? Also, a few ache and pains here and there. Have been having frequent headaches, my biggest pain is the one I receive almost everyday in my stomach. It happens right where my transverse colon is located and it feels like stabbing pain where I cannot walk, think straight, stand up or even breath normally. I have to curl up in the fetal position.

58:37 -- Michael -- I know that you have mentioned that having dark circles around the eyes is a sign of kidney weakness. I have been working on my kidneys (my dad was the guy who had 67 kidney stones, myself 3). I checked my blood pressure and it was 135/71. I have been seeing Mucous in my urine, but my eyes don't seem to be getting better. Could it have to do with also cleaning out mucus in my head/transverse colon?

1:01:19 -- Liz -- What herbals should I be taking to fix the arthritis? What fruits specifically should I eat and how much a day? What herbal things can I give my 13-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback for blindness and arthritis, he is on injectable nutracueticals at the vet, but I'd like to help him any other way I can. (He is otherwise fit and healthy and gets walked daily)

1:10:23 -- Rana -- My question is about root canals. I had one done 7 years ago. Recently, it started bothering me. I just learned that they are extremely toxic as the dead tooth has small canals, which allows the growth of very toxic bacteria. Should I get it removed?

1:12:58 -- Truth Fitnezz -- Cardiac Neurousis -- What herbs to take to heal this? Been raw for 4 months and it's not helping.

1:15:09 -- Tryan024 -- What is your view on hypnotherapy?

1:19:28 -- Good-bye message

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