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Sep 15, '13
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06:45 -- Questions from Gabe -- My urine is only dark with strands after I eat a meal of junk food. About half a day on grapes, my urine is a lot lighter and no sediment or strands. What does this mean? It almost feels like my Kidney's are having selective filtering. Shouldn't I be seeing sediment in my urine with grapes as well? Does this indicate Kidney and Adrenal weakness?

14:45 -- DebraBurson -- Something about you, Dr. Morse, feels like home. Thanks for all you do and what you offer for free on YouTube- We are brilliantly blessed.

17:04 -- Ezekiel David -- I broke my arm in a bike accident and I have steel in my body that connects the arm. Are you saying I should have it removed?

18:58 -- Fred -- Does having teeth transplanted cause any long-term health issues? They have to drill through bone and I guess attach some sort of screws.

22:17 -- DRich -- When you say fast on Fruits, Berries and Melons, do you mean sweet fruits or all fruits (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, okra)? Thank you!

24:31 -- James Carmichael -- What's Dr. Morse's opinion on Gene Therapy? I've been selected for trials in 2015 for my retinal condition I've had from birth. It's called Achromatopsia and my cones cells are present, but don't work. Can I do this fasting/detoxing diet and still have the gene therapy? I've also read that meditation/OBE's/Energy work can heal and improve DNA. Could Dr. Morse also talk about the Etheric body and Cosmic Energy? Thank you all so much!

36:20 -- Paulo Indio -- My 2 ½ year old boy had (From what I was told) Giardia a few months ago. He lost weight, used Flagyl. Stools got back to being loose, sandy and smelly. What a nightmare.

43:20 -- Sara -- Two years ago I went to the ER because I had extreme fatigue, and psychiatric issues (anxiety, panic attacks). They took my blood, and stated that I'm hypothyroid. They prescribed me Levothyroxin .088. I have been on that dose for two years. I have been eating raw, clean, for eight months, lost twenty pounds, and it wouldn't go any further. I have attempted to back off the Levothyroxin, and a lot bloat, water retention, goes within two days. After two days, my head starts getting weird. I start having anxiety, tightness around the bowel/ribcage area, like I'm in a vice so I go back to my regular dose. I sweat profusely at work and feel like I'm on fire. Parasites coming out in my stool.

49:08 -- Salova -- Boyfriend has severe joint inflammation issues and no medication seems to ever work on him. After three months of eating fruit and a few green juices here and there, he can now almost move painlessly. He has Geodes in his shoulder bones and cartilage, he used to be a kick boxer, but had to quit. He had his tonsils removed back when he was a toddler, very stubborn acne, "genetical" baldness problems since puberty. Can he regrow his tonsils?

57:06 -- Vidoge -- I am drinking a gallon of Heal All Tea a day, is there a limit to how much I can drink?

57:35 -- Good-bye message.

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