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Sep 9, '13
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01:23 -- Controversy/Facebook. Take everything as a learning experience.

11:22 -- Question -- What are good supplements to take for a low Thyroid? I refuse to take Levothyroxine. I take Kelp pills, B12, Eating clean, but not raw.

22:00 -- Question -- Sunspots, I love the sun and not afraid of sun exposure. Only apply sun cream when sun bathing and not while running errands. Mainly of fruits and salads. Have noticed sunspots on body.

24:31 -- I'm 63 and detoxifying nicely. Currently working on getting of Synthroid. My 66-year-old husband wants to get on his own detox.

27:24 -- Question -- Someone said to me that they are Fructose intolerant, Can this be? I would put them on green juices. You mention audio tracks with a high rate of OBE achievement. Can you mention them again?

32:24 -- Bethany -- I am fasting throughout January. I'm not sure if it would be powerful for me to do lemon juice, water fast, or just distilled water. During my last winter fast, I felt dehydrated on just water.

35:12 -- New Vaccines to fight Flu have arrived!

35:23 -- Mark -- Psoriasis and in pain. I have had Psoriasis since I was 25 and maybe as early as my late teens. First noticed on the top of my forehead. Spots inside and outside of right knee, spots on the outside of right leg all the way down to ankle. Spots on back towards my right hip and genitals. Also have Psoriatic Arthritis. I wasn't able to swallow foods at times. I've used topical steroids. My diet before was lots of processed foods.

50:36 -- Aortic Deformities -- Urgently seeking video advice. Balding, hemorrhoids, pace maker, headaches. Submitted eyes, review.

56:35 -- Cory -- Friend suggested to contact you. Food combining questions. If I do more than one fruit meal a day, I get blood sugar crashes. What about Hilda Clark liver cleanses?

58:54 -- Source of Glandulars. Chronic fatigue, nerve energy is about gone. I gave up all caffeine and all stimulants. Moving to all fruit diet. My Adrenals are shot and my Kidneys are barely filtering.

1:02:33 -- Buffers -- In a mineral complex like calcium phosphate, I believe it's the negative part of the compound phosphate ions that alkalize with the acids in the foods we eat. Wouldn't that leave a positive charge in calcium? I'm interested in the chemistry of foods and how it metabolizes in the body.

1:06:44 -- Gina -- Stomach problems, Selfishness and ego, working in the now, humility and respect, become one strong voice, one big group hug.

1:13:33 -- Severe nut allergy in 3-year-old niece. She had reaction to Peanut Butter just touching her lips. Her diet is now raw juices, pasteurized rice milk, Cooked vegetables, Quinoa, Sunflowers seeds, Veggie hot dogs, and Rice Cakes. Has no dairy or meats. As an infant, was given cow's milk. Both parents have lung and allergy issues. Mother has Vitamin D deficiencies.

1:25:05 -- Yash -- Working with a woman. Why are many women more prone to Osteoporosis and bone loss post menopause?

1:28:21 -- James -- Did you ever end up suing the FDA?

1:31:27 -- What about healing seizures? Have you ever helped anyone heal their Epilepsy?

1:35:19 -- Thank you all!!!

1:37:12 -- Chiropractor. 38-year-old male from Montreal Canada. Has had emotional stress and turmoil. Has trouble-sleeping, heart pounding at night. Two years ago had tendon in forearm partially rupture. Broke finger with a not so hard hit. Same tendon ruptured again. Feels like body is falling apart. Weak and lack of energy and hungry after eating.

1:51:37 -- Sebastian -- How do you tell when your Kidney's are filtering properly? Do you have to pee in a jar? Kidney formulas. Been raw for more than six months and still no sediment.

1:59:33 -- In tears as I write this. Found a big lump on my dog's neck. It's the size of a small apple. Took her to vet and aspirated the lump.

2:05:28 -- Aaron -- Questions after learning. What is the Appendix for? Always told it was a useless organ. Wife and I talked about me getting a vasectomy. Taking the Fab 4, starting to filter, Son is doing great as well.

2:11:54 -- Mark -- About 5 months ago sun gazed for a period of two months at sunrise and sunset. Thinks some damaged was done in the brain. Feeling constant pressure on and inside head. Also feeling disconnected from body, has big time memory loss and difficulty thinking, anxiety, can not breath and depressed.

2:18:43 -- Carlos -- Questions about malabsorption. Looked at eyes and saw ring around pupil. Tired, feel hungry, don't' eat meat, but has Shrimp once and a while.
2:21:05 -- Would love to hear information on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

2:22:29 -- Mark -- I keep getting about 120/80 that means my Adrenals are not bad, but my Kidney's need work.

2:23:47 -- Same values as you. Moved to Florida and would like to meet you. Currently has MS.

2:24:29 -- Thank you and Good-Bye message.

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