Repost - High Blood Pressure

Aug 19, '132 comments
Repost - High Blood Pressure

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Robyn on May 7, '18

Thank you so much. My blood pressure has been up for about 4 years now. This video has help me to know how to get it down. I’ve been subscribed to take two bp meds at the same time put took myself off because of dizziness. I eat fish, but no other meat, many beans and nuts (will stop that now listening to you). I’ll wean off and do veggies, and eventually eat more fruit. Now I eat much fruit, but also many veggies too. I used Heal All Tea. I will get some kidney and adrenal formula when I can afford it.

Bessie on Aug 13, '17

Great video! Love the short, concise explanations….thx Dr.Morse

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