Q&A153 - Eye Readings, Autism, Lump in Breast

Oct 17, '121 comment
- 3 Eye Readings
- Autism/Fruit
- Hyper coagulation
- Cells Repair Themselves
- Lump In Breast
- Questions From Anne
- Adrenal Surges
- Cameras
- Iodine And The Thyroid
- Kathleen's Protocol
- Iridology And Healing Crisis
- Nerium Face Cream
- Mumigo Fossil Deposits/Inorganic
- Myasthenia Gravis

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Richard on Apr 17, '15

Your comment about thyroid and Iodine was almost dismissive, There are a whole crop of iodine doctors (Brownstein, Flechas, etc.) and books “Iodine Crisis” that state the importance of adequate iodine levels to prevent thyroid and breast problems.


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