Q&A 139 - Kinefelters Syndrome, Juvenile Artritis, Depression

Feb 24, '151 comment
- Spirituality of the Now
- Kinefelter's Syndrome
- Juvenile Arthritis
- Pets & Grapes
- Depression
- Water Retention
- Bloated
- Dark Circles Under Eyes
- Stage 3 Brian Cancer
- Fermentation Good/Bad
- Becoming a Healer

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Wilf on Feb 25, '15

Hi, I just wanted to drop all you amazing light beings at DM HHC a line to tell you how much i appreciate all your hard work, caring, giving and love that you embody and spread to the rest of us. Thank you so very much. It’s an education that sadly enough isn’t thought in any schools and is only found by us people searching for the truth from our confused state of wondering why “something just doesn’t feel right” and following our intuition to find the truth. Again thank you Dr. Morse and all the team, keep spreading the love and light.

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