Q&A 118-4 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer

May 17, '12
-Pain In Scapula
-Adrenals Controls Kidneys
-Coconut Oil
-Connection to Bone Marrow
-Bloated Belly
-Cervical Cancer
-Medical Doctors are Life Savers
-Nut Allergy
-Cysts In Head
-Foods For Endurance
-Juice Fast
-How Much Water
-Dr. Mercola's Comments
-Grains Good or Bad
-30 Bananas a Day
-Parasite M and Sweaty Palms
-Nasty Cat Bit
-GI Tract Yeast & Parasites
-Organic Apple Juice
-Rest & Sleep
-Skin Itching
-Dry Skin, Unbearable Pain

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