Part 3 - Hip Replacement, Detoxing Kids, Ear Candling, Lymph Nodes Removed, Lemon Juice Fast

May 1, '121 comment
- A Big Thank You
- Magickal Hummingbrd
- Hip Replacement
- Detoxong Kids
- Lemon Juice Fast
- Wild Greens
- Reincarnating
- Iris Camera
- Chinese Herbs
- Strawberries
- Ear Candling
- Lymph Nodes Removed

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Christina on Sep 9, '19

Has anyone since this video was created in 2012 had experience with lymph detox after lymph nodes were removed? Sadly, I had mine removed in 2013 on my left side after breast cancer Dx. I keep sabotaging my healing due to fear of lymphedema.

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