Questions to Dr. Morse 113 Part 4 - 11:11, Sulfur Detox, Hair Thinning

Apr 16, '121 comment
- Sulfur Detox
- 10 Year Old Deaf
- Hair Thinning
- Can't Sleep
- Diabetes II
- Glandulars
- Medicinal
- Muchrooms
- Hypothyroidism & Low Blood Sugars
- Digestive Enzymes

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Sophie on Sep 13, '17

Wow, i just took a picture of my green eyes and i see sulfur everywhere, i have vertigo, they took my appendice 2 years ago and my amydales at 11 years old. I will cut crucifer i ate that a lot and took organic sulful a lot…. since 3 days i just eat fruits. Im vegetarian since 5 years… i tought i will become more healthy,..its not the case i make acidosis since teenager…halala thanks god i found you….I bought 2 books of irydologie i want to take your course when i can $$$ Anyway i bought lymph system 1 adrenal and clean all the glands…

Love you Dr Morse

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