Adrenal Glands

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Danielle Rolls on Oct 12, '19

Very informative, my kidneys from a young age have needed help clearing through acupuncture. I’ve suffered ADHD, very serious pregnancy dangers, ectopic, gallbladder attack and pre eclampsia 41 wk – c section tube around neck almost died and a windowing uterus on my 3rd, peri menopause…. bad hormonal fluctuations 40 lb weight gain… I’ve lost 20 through Juice Plus but needed a multitude of supplements and class drugs to keep me alert, I also have a deviated septum. During your 30 raw fruit detox kidney pressure huge, ballooned colon, constipation, post nasal drip crazy. Now I’ve lost weight in my face and butt .. about 15lbs. I’m going to stay on a high raw fruit diet, still struggle with bread and cheese and can still eat small amount of turkey, chicken and fish. The mucous and adrenals is what’s bugging me my BP averaging 110/65 since my cleanse it was 120/80 before.

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