Q&A - 364 - Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Seizures, Prostate Cancer

Jun 10, '16
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In this video:

Paul – Dad is suffering from chronic anxiety, depression and insomnia for the last 6+ years. Lost interest in everything and doesn’t like leaving the house.

Susan – I have met several young people (teens and early 20’s) lately, all who have seizures. I was wondering if you could please do a YouTube videos on what causes these and how to detox them.

Kay – Can my 4.5-month old son take any herbs to get rid of the morphine?

Joysworld61 – What do you think about the olive leaves? I was diagnosed 3 months ago with mono. I’ve had my thyroid taken out. I have fibromyalgia and GERD. Been doing lots of fruit…

Robert - Hi Dr Morse. I have started a fruit diet for three weeks and doing excellent with kidneys filtering nicely. My only problem is that I have started to develop sensitive teeth. Is this normal or would eating more greens help this. I eat fruit constantly throughout the day. It seems that the grapes are very acidic on my teeth as well as kiwis.

Alex – Did you derive your healing approach from Mr. Ehret? I’m a type 1 diabetic, 29 years old and I’ve been raw, on and off for a couple years now (almost always vegan). I’ve also detox quite a bit but that’s never enough…

John -  I am writing to you in care of my wife, she spends most of her days in pain, and am wondering if there is any hope for her to recover. She is 64 years old , and has been diagnosed about 2 months ago with alcoholic cirrhosis of liver with ascites, PHT ( portal hypertension ), and Pain, abdominal, generalized. She is also having a difficult time trying to quit smoking. I think she may be ready to get on board with the protocol that you would recommend . Could you please help ?

Pavel - Hey Doc. Can you please talk about eye floaters. I have alot. First my left side sinuses blocked up then i got the floaters in both eyes tho. I also acquired asthma 6 or 8 months after the floaters. The asthma came with belching and fatigue. I had acid reflux for 5 years. My left kidney seems to hurt as well at time. The whole.lower back side when i do prolonged heavy lifting or take too many herbs or supps

Vivki – I am a diabetic who has lost 45 lbs in the last year. Horribly itchy ears for a few years now…

Jonathan – I was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer in Feb 2014 with PSA of 77 and Gleason score of 9. I was put on hormone therapy which I have continued until recently. What herbs would you recommend to support in my journey back to health? I am undecided whether to continue with Hormone Treatment (Enzalutmide) any thoughts/recommendation?

Adam – My question is about eating fruits with fat such as almonds or a spoonful of coconut oil. I’ve read that is slows down the absorption of the sugar which I’ve read some say is a good thing.

Wendy The Runt – Wasn’t there a few women coming forward with claims that Dr. Morse sexually assaulted them? Can’t remember the source. Don’t get your lawyers on me Doc!

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