They'll Have To Rewrite The Textbooks

They'll Have To Rewrite The Textbooks

Jun 1, '168 comments

For years, Dr. Morse has been telling this world about the physical body's lymphatic system--now scientific evidence is finally proving what Dr. Morse has been saying all along.  There is still much for the medical community to discover, which will shock many when the brutality at the hands of unawareness and narcissism is truly revealed.  

From the University of Virginia's article:  "The unexpected presence of the lymphatic vessels raises a tremendous number of questions tht now need answers, both about the workings of the brain and the diseases that plague it.  For example, take Alzheimer's disease.  "In Alzheimer's, there are accumulations of big protein chunks in the brain," Kipnis said.  "We think they may be acumulating in the brain because they're not being efficiently removed by these [lymphatic] vessels."  He noted that the vessels look different with age, so the role that they play in aging is another avenue to explore.  And there's an enormous array of other neurological diseases, from autism to multiple sclerosis, that must be reconsidered in light of the peresenc eof soemthing science insisted did not exist."  Click here to read the full article.

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Gloria Brown on Jan 7, '18

I have a very interesting story to tell about the lymphatic system ;) For many years I had swollen lumps under my left armpit and also in my left breast. I had an MRI guided breast biopsy in the left breast (12 yrs. ago in 2006) and had negative results for inflammatory breast cancer. My grandmother had inflammatory breast cancer and this is why I was concerned for myself. I continued to suffer with these lumps until 2016. In August 2016 I found an old article on lymph nodes and felt an immediate connection to the story. I did research on how to clean the fluid and devised my own method. I had immediate success with the lumps going away! In October 2016 my brother (53 years old at the time) visited me and I asked him to try a dose of my “medicine”. He used my delivery method for the next 4 months and had shocking results. The hard lumps on the top of his head had vanished! He suffered with those lumps for most of his adult life and he said he would massage them and sometimes even pick at them. The bottom line is that both of us suffered with lymphatic problems and never knew it. Now we both know the importance of cleaning the fluid. People need to do research and learn how to keep the fluid clean or they will suffer in some way.

Clova Wolfe on Jun 3, '16

I am sure that poor lymphatic drainage plays a major role in my health issues but the medical doctors have not been able to make that diagnosis.

Dmitriy on Jun 3, '16

Wow. Extraordinary!

christine arinzesamuel on Jun 2, '16

As a Reflexologist, I had been saying that the Lymphatic system is overlooked. It was my gut feeling after studying intensively anatomy/physiology and having seeking sessions with people in what I call the Wellness Hour. When I found Dr. Morse online last year…I was ecstatic and Awed in his take on the Lymphatic System. I Respect greatly Dr. Morse.

Graeme Wright on Jun 2, '16

Dear Dr. Morse, It"s about time some one started to catch up to save lives. Graeme

dan on Jun 2, '16

Its hard to believe that they didn,t know about this in the body.lymphatic system and what it does for the body. unbeleivable Dr. Morse knew long ago, so many people lost because they didn,t know!!!!

Emma on Jun 2, '16

For many years I have thought of the Lymph system as very important for removing toxins and how it has to be very important to the body’s system since discovering there were more Lymph vessels than blood vessels. But until I was told of Dr. Morse I never read a thing about how it works.

I even asked my grand-daughter, who writes science books for children, to do research of the Lymph System and write a book about it; she hasn’t done so yet, but hope she will do so soon.

Thank you for sharing this information. Hopefully one day doctors will be able to see that those vessels do something important. Thankfully they can’t remove them like they do so many important organs and glands thinking they are in the way of wellness; not believing in creation has probably set them back all these years so they think the Lymph System is a mistake until evolution will correct it; HA!!!

Thank you, Dr. Morse for holding your ground on what causes our body to heal within the systems which were designed by a Creator to heal our bodies even though we have done much or have allowed doctors to do much to up set the apple cart until we find how to take care of all the bodies systems for our long term healing.

Not that I don’t believe that we can benefit from doctors who will advocate healthy living and will stick to “do no harm” within their methods and stop fighting other methods which move the body toward healing without damaging something else in the process.


Clinton Scott on Jun 2, '16

Fantastic information. This is the real meaning of a servant heart. Keep sharing Dr. Morse.

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