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May 10, '163 comments
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Jovan on Jul 21, '16

My Last resort Is dr. morse.. My das has pancreatic Cancer And im trying tHere Is This One Lady that i really appreciate from this clinic

Kris on May 18, '16

I wish I knew about this before my poor dad went in for Chemo… he did not make it past few more months! This world medical world we live in is seriously corrupt. Thank god I found Dr. Morse and now understand what is going on.. My family will be starting to get in a homestasis state asap!

Nick on May 10, '16

Acidosis( for usually long periods of time) in one’s cells cause cancers and all degeneration.Dr. Morse is 100% correct and the typical medical profession is a bad joke! They make things complex and do not really know what they are doing and getting grossly overpaid for making peoples conditions worse.

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