Q&A 362- Coconut Water, Epilepsy, CLL, Eczema

May 2, '16
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26:05 – Pras – What are your thoughts on coconut water fasting? Is coconut water fasting ok for 20 days? I have been 100% fruits for a month now. Is it okay to take herbal formulas during fast?

28:46 – Svetlana - My son has epilepsy he is 19 y.o. and he had seizures since he was 8 months old.  He wasn't breastfed nor was i eating properly.  Lately he mostly has them when he plays xbox he gets very agitated and yells while playing (affects his nerves) or computer games he always either plays or listens to something on his phone with headphones on never without it horrible…

49:50 – Kevin – I came across your youtube channel, wondering what you suggest for using juicing and whatever else for CLL.

50:49 – Chris Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease" is the headline from the London Telegraph.(March 29, 2016). I just thought I should share with you the level of propaganda that the "powers that be" are relaying to the world. I was listening to Radio as he read this headline and I can't believe they think this is truthful. I am a truth seeker and your teachings have never let me down. You have allowed me to see through more deception.

1:03:26 – Yomna - Hi Dr My name is yomna 22 years old ...I am currently transitionning into raw foods .. ive been struggling for years with eczema .. adrenal fatigue and depression... 3 years ago I started getting back pain ..today I have a shoulder tedinitis on my right side and my back is hurting so bad .. full of nerves knots all the way till the neck .. im only 22 now I have acne for 1 year .. I tried everything naturopaths gave me .. Im always tired

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