Q&A 361- Dizzy and Disoriented, Thrombocytosis, Back Pain,

May 2, '16
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@ 7:38 – Bradley’s Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt fell backward off the bathtub in April 2015, hit the back of her head (cerebellum). Since then, she is still dizzy and disoriented, with slight dementia. Has had many PET and MRI scans, but doctors find nothing wrong with her. She also had a terrible case of painful shingles on the right side of her face for months. She is taking some herbs and eating fruit, but not consistently. My Uncle has MAJOR edema in his legs, difficulty walking, has a very low white blood cell count 1.9. Need Advice.

@ 30:33 – Louis (from France) My mother has thrombocytosis, “essential thrombocythemia”, her bone marrow produces too much platelets. She’s under Xagrid and Kardegic. She had suffered from anemia, her hemoglobin levels are too low. Also has high blood pressure, hypothyroidism with nodules, and calcifications in her breasts.

@ 39:13 – Thalia’s Dad has lower back pain. Had lower back surgery 15 years ago. Dad is not vegan and takes pharmaceuticals to help cope with the pain. Any advice?

@ 44:32 – Terry Finding good watermelon in Florida! Florid Citrus Center in Ocala, FL.

@ 46:11 – Tom from Thailand, weak adrenals and kidneys, chronically low thyroid. Will the ability of my parathyroid to utilize calcium be completely compromised? Pumping the green drinks, taking God’s Garden Superfood Blend and Bones Formula for malabsorption. Why is the Thyroid connected with depression?

@ 1:05:22 – Diana, lesions and lacunas in the iris. Will the openness in the lacuna fill in with a different color or lines? Will there be a change in the lacuna if kidneys weaken?

@ 1:11:42 Thank you Dr. Morse and Staff with Love! I had a blood transfusion (at birth) when I was just a few hours old. Growing up, had phobias, swollen tonsils, allergies, aching leg muscles, surgery (Adenoids). Severe Acne, Mercury Fillings, Psoriasis, Anxiety, Sleep Apnea, Eye Infections, Weight Gain, Seboratic Dermatitis, Emotional Trauma and Genetic Weakness. Suggestions on how to release the trauma from those younger age events, either emotionally or spiritually?

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