An Open Debate on Fruit Sugar

Apr 6, '168 comments
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Linda on Apr 30, '16

Dr. Brian Clement is not exactly “ignorant”. Matter of fact, I know that much of what he gives in the form of lectures, is based on scientific data. And then he said the problem with fruit is the hybridization process, making fruit 30-35% sweeter than it was historically. So Dr. Clement believes cancer feeds on fructose. Has Dr. Morse had success in treating cancer victims with fruit diet?

Bessie on Apr 11, '16

Hopefully, he will get the true understanding…however, the swift do not always win the race…

Nick on Apr 8, '16

This Brian Clemons does not know and does not want to know the truth(he is willfully ignorant) .Dr. Morse has helped over tens of thousands of people and counting get well. The others who knock fruit have obviously helped absolutely no one get well applying their stupid theories. Raw ripe fruit detoxifies and regenerates all cells in the human body. I am one of many who Dr. Morse has helped. Go by results not stupid unproven theories.Dr. Morse gets great results with raw ripe fruits and herbs but without fruit you will never fully get well.

Nathalie on Apr 8, '16

SUPER DC Morse! :)

frank Parisi on Apr 7, '16

How do feel about frozen fruit? Strawberries and blueberries for example.

Jerry Massari on Apr 7, '16

Great video…thank you so much for what you do.

Tessa Rushton on Apr 7, '16

I got your book a short while ago & have been devouring the information. & fruit! I was dx’d with MS I 1988 at 24. I had Ccsvi treatment in 2010 & got off the MS drugs & changed my diet to Paleo and improved, for a short while… I then moved towards being vegan & felt better, but not thriving. I almost went back to Paleo as my blood glucose started going crazy. I thank the universe I found you!! It’s hard to find nice affordable ripe fruit up here in Canada… but I’m doing it!! I’m using a rule of ‘if it has thick skin & I don’t eat the skin’ I can live with non-organic. I’m following my blood glucose levels closely and will report back!

As far as botanicals go, I’m trying to find a naturopath to help me. Question… Can I speak to someone in your clinic? It’s tough importing medicinals to Canada.. Any advice is appreciated.
Love your videos!
Thank you


Sylvia Shields on Apr 6, '16

I am so glad you put this video up!! I’ve got a few naysayers that are going to be getting this to watch!! Thank You!!!!!!!

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