Q&A - 358 - Kidney's, Limited Scleroderma, Blood Moles

Apr 6, '161 comment
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3:04 – Jean-Michel from France. Trying to understand how can the Kidneys filter the lymph? – Eye Review.

46:47 – Paula – South Wales. Diagnosed 6 months ago with limited scleroderma.

1:00:03 – Kathy – I have quite a few blood moles on my body. No doctor can tell me what this means and what causes blood moles. I was wondering if I should use the drawing salve on them.

1:06:10 – Denise – If we have bad gum recession on a few teeth, will the gum tissue regenerate and grow back, covering the bone and roots again and the recession stop? If teeth have acid wear. If the acids have eaten away the enamel, will the enamel grow back?

1:12:50 – Ilirjana – I am worried because lately when I wake up in the mornings I see my hand fingers swollen (only the fingers!) especially the small one. I have dark color in the area between upper lips and the nose that is always the same.

1:23:18 – Closing

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Deborah on Apr 29, '16

Thanks Doc. I needed to hear many of the things you said but your last words are ringing in my head. Don’t let anyone take you down. I think this is going to have to be my motto for a while. Thank you. Love you.

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