Q&A - 357- Dr. Morse the sexist, Upper lip melasma, Nauseous after eating.

Mar 22, '163 comments
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00:17 – Dr. Morse, the sexist.

33:38 – Jill – “Hi doc, what causes upper lip melasma (dark discoloration) in women? I don't have it anywhere else. very little sun exposure, not pregnant etc.. I've had it for about 2 years now, it won't go away. it's making me very selfconscious. what can I do about this?”

37:02 – Rod from Chicago. 17-year-old son. Can’t burp, barely eats, fells nauseous after taking a couple of bites and the runs to the washroom to throw up.

53:04 – Elle - Hi. I have been high fruit vegan (sweet potatoes and oven roasted veggies as exception) since June last year. (A whole life of dairy and processed foods, from that I was little). I feel better, but I still have many fall backs and just now I've lot my appetite and will probably go into fasting. I get such back pain after eating fruits, before it was always watermelon, now they are OK though, but now I react the same with mangoes, and it makes me feel sick. What is this?

1:05:43 – Morgyn – “What would be supportive for those whoa are undergoing intense walk in processing? I am only 21 and have been undergoing an intensve spiritual activation and have been running up agaignst a lot of psycic attacking, including microwave weapons attacking me, as well as govenrment harrasment. I dont have fear about this, its just annoying and debillating often. I am aware of the government trying to kill me ever since I ran up against my memories of being kidnapped as a kid and trained by the aliens, and its been very hard on my body often feeling like I'mo not going to make it through.. Also do you have any advice for people who are aware they have been abducted by aliens, and the government and have physical implants in their body that are designed to track and mess with the person... Im serious, I need a surgeon who wont think Im a nut case.”

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Denise on Mar 29, '16

love ya Doc,
You just keep being you.. X

Tonnie lee on Mar 26, '16

If you can heal all disease why FDA not helping getting this out?

Colleen Altman on Mar 25, '16

I just found you on Youtube. I feel blessed to have you in my life now. Thank you for being you and spreading your beautiful knowledge and spirit. I am currently viewing all your videos.

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